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Your Ultimate Handy Guide To Medicine Delivery App Development

Medicine is something that you require in cases of emergency. The Internet is the only need of the hour for a  millennial-dominated society. So if you can merge these two aspects, you can start your medical delivery business with ease by means of medicine delivery app development.

An amalgamation of medicine business with the millennial society has already started and created a deep impact. Apps are the basis of this union. The online form of a business assures higher ROI than any other form and hence if you are thinking of starting a medical delivery business, go for a medicine delivery app.

medicine delivery app development

The global e-pharmacy market is expected to grow up to a value of $107 billion by 2025. This clearly indicates that there are a lot of users who have already adopted this format of medicine purchase. It also indicates that the competition is high. 

This article will guide you with all the details which you require for medicine delivery app development. To start any business you must know about the benefits which users can get from your business. Your business must have the features to bring convenience to users to stand-out in the competition and lead in the industry.

Delivery of medicinesUber-like Features Of Medicine Delivery App 

Your journey towards setting up a medicine delivery business starts with medicine delivery app development. The features outlined hereby are few of the most unique and untapped attributes which are rarely found in the on-demand apps currently doing business in the pandemic-hit market.

1. Compare Price

Your app must have the feature to compare the price of a particular medicine with respect to different pharmacies. There is always a variation of price of a specific medicine across stores and users always prefer an economical deal. Hence, this feature is having the potential to attract consumers towards your medicine delivery app.

2. Promote Prescription Privacy

It is the psychology of many people who do not like to disclose their prescriptions in front of many people. Hence, your assurance of maintaining privacy and confidentiality for all the details can give your users relief. For this, you must have a promising and reliable security feature embedded in your medical delivery app.

online prescription

3. Automatic Re-Order Acceptance

There are many people who suffer from chronic physical ailments. Your medicine delivery app must have the feature to recognize repetitive orders and the duration for which it is ordered. Once the tenure is over, it should re-generate the same order after verification from the user. 

4. Consultation Benefits

There must be some feature in your medicine delivery app that can connect your users with physicians and doctors for consultation. Many times it happens that people fall sick in odd hours of the day when they cannot visit a doctor in an emergency. Your app can help the users to find some alternative solution or online consultation to relieve them from the panic.

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In this business, it is not that you are the only person to gain profit, the pharmacists in the region of your operation will also be gaining benefits. The pharmacists running physical stores will get a regular flow of business due to your medicine delivery app and you will be indirectly promoting his business to a wider range of audiences.

Now as you are knowing about the benefits, you must have the basic idea and concepts of the functionality of your branded medicine delivery app.

Patient doctor online consultationMedicine Delivery App Development: Market Specifics

If you are thinking of starting an online medicine delivery business, then you must have the idea as to how your app is going to be an integral part of the marketplace. If explained in simple words, your Uber for pharmacy is going to be a bridge between the user of your application and the pharmacies operating in your region of operation. 

Your app will be having three forms, like, one for the user, one for the pharmacist, and one for you with the master control. The working model starts from the user’s end. Your app will be accepting orders from the users and delivering the requests to the pharmacist, which the pharmacist can see from his/her console or panel.

Once a user orders any medicine, it gets notified to the pharmacist and he prepares for the delivery. The order is delivered by delivery staff, whose movement can be monitored by both the pharmacist and user using the GPS tracking feature. Once the order is delivered, your user will pay for the medicines, if not paid by any online method while placing the order.

In this way, your app forms a bridge between pharmacists and users, where the user is not required to visit the physical medicine store, yet, his or her order is delivered at the doorsteps. Even the pharmacist sold goods from the store without investing much in marketing and promotions.

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How Should Your Medicine Delivery App Function?

health app

The major focus in your medicine delivery app development must be towards making it user-friendly and fast. Apart from that, its functionality should follow the flow like – 

1. Request Medicine Details And Search

Your medicine delivery app must ask for the details of the medicine required by the user in terms of name, brand, and type. After the user inputs the values, it must search the availability of the medicine across all stock details provided by the pharmacists associated with your app.

2. Place The Order

After selecting the pharmacist from where the user is going to order the medicine, he or she must be able to place the order on a single click. Placing the order has to initiate the instant payment process for which you must have multiple payment options.

medicine order

3. Pay For The Order 

Your medicine delivery app must have multiple payment options open for users of all types. As medicine is a very compulsory requirement, you can always seek to have the benefit of online payment mode integration and avoid cash-on-delivery schemes.

4. Track The Order

Your medicine delivery app must have the feature by which your user can track the order he or she has placed. It must be real-time and accurate and work smoothly without crashing or displaying GPS locating errors.

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Now as you are knowing about the benefits which you, your users, and pharmacists can get from a medicine delivery app, you must also have the idea of how to control it. Your medicine delivery app must have different sections that can help you in monitoring the flow of the operations and activities of your business. Let us go through those important sections so that you can ask your app developer to include those as the important features of your app control panel.

Check Out The Feature-Rich Panels For Medicine Delivery App

medicine delivery app panels

Your medicine delivery app must have three sections, namely, pharmacists panel, customer panel, and admin panel. 

(i) Pharmacist Panel

This is the app that will be available with the pharmacists who have impaneled themselves with your medicine delivery business. It is through this panel that the pharmacists will be able to have a note of the orders placed for them and they will be able to manage their stock and inventory records. On categorization, we come across the following attributes:

1. Product Management 

The Pharmacist can update the current stock details of the medicine and enable the user to see its availability. Medicine brand-wise, price-wise, or, volume-wise; the pharmacist can categorize and upload the availability status of medicines. This section of the app is dedicated in a personalized way for respective pharmacists registered with your medicine delivery app. 

2. Product Disclosure

The pharmacist will be able to put all details of medicines. Price, date of manufacture and expiry, basic composition, and manufacturer details; all can be provided for the convenience of users’ understanding.

medicine delivery app development

3. Order Management

The pharmacist gets automated alerts for each order that is placed to be delivered from his or her store. Single medicine, bulk order, or scheduled refill, the pharmacist can take up, manage, and deliver all types of orders.

4. Delivery And Shipment Management

The pharmacist can monitor the route and movement of the delivery person until the medicine is finally delivered to the customer. For continuous orders, the pharmacist can manage the team of delivery persons to sequence the deliveries.

5. Price Management

Price fluctuation is one of the most imperative features throughout the global economy. Hence, your app can give the pharmacist flexibility in updating the price of the medicines whenever required.

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(ii) Customer Panel

online medicine order

This panel will be available to your users who will be your customers in your mobile delivery business. They must be able to order, pay for, and track their orders. To make these activities possible for your app users, your app must have a few catchy attributes.

1. Scan The Prescription

Your app must have a document scanning feature that can be used by the customer to scan and upload their prescription. This will make ordering easier and pharmacists will find it easier to read and deliver. It may happen that due to spelling errors, wrong medicine might get delivered if the user types the names of medicines.

2. Search The Correct Pill

Allow your users to search through a well-organized database of medicines. Give your users the option to search for their medicines category wise, price-wise, and use similar relevant filters. Remember, that to be the Uber for Pharmacy, you must make your customer feel easy with the app.

tablet pills

3. Compare The Price

Allow your users to select the pharmacist who provides the medicine at the lowest price. It happens that different pharmacists can have differences in price for the same medicine. An attribute that can suggest the best price for the customer can add value to your medicine delivery app.

4. Grab The Best GPS Technology

Don’t let your customers lose the trace of the route when their orders are on the way to be delivered. Embed your app with the best GPS tracking feature to let your user keep track of the delivery person till the order is delivered successfully.

5. Be Ready And Happy To Help

Interaction and conversation is the key to better relationships, be it personal or business. Equip your app with an interactive chat feature that can connect the user with your support team, the delivery person, and the pharmacist. 

chatbot6. Subscription Can Get You Better Business

There is a possibility that your user is suffering from some chronic disease and goes on a regular prescription. Then he or she will certainly have the necessity of getting the medicine inventories refilled. For such users, have the subscription option so that you get sources of regular business and the user stays relaxed as the regular order gets automatically placed.

(iii) Admin Panel

admin panel medicine app

This is the most important segment of the app. This will be providing you control and the ability to monitor your business from all perspectives. It will help you monitor the activities of your users, pharmacists, and delivery staff altogether and help you in the business decision-making process. 

1. Monitor The Pharmacists

You will be the sole owner of the admin panel and must be able to monitor the activities of the pharmacists. It can be their stock maintenance, billing, or order packing activities. To have full control over your medicine delivery app business flow, you must take care of all aspects of it.

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2. Have Control Over The Payment

You should be the authority to handle all payment options. Hence, the admin panel must have the option to control the modes of payments along with the subscription features. Based on your permissions, the payment modes must get activated.

3. Let Analytics Display Your Business

You will be having all the graphs and curves of your business figures on your dashboard. Be it your sales volume, delivery and order details, pharmacists billing details, or customer feedback, all will be displayed on your admin panel dashboard. 

medical analytics4. Less Dependency on Accountant

The sales, delivery, order, subscription, pharmacists stock, and inventory – you get all details in a well-categorized way on your dashboard. As the app works on real-time analytics, there is no chance of mistakes in the records. Hence, you yourself can take a glance at the financial activities yourself without running behind the accountant to know the profit.

5. Less Paperwork and Legalities 

For a medicine or pharmacy store, you will require a lot of legal formalities which is least required for a medicine delivery app. Even for the operations, there is no requirement of physical bills and invoices. Everything gets delivered on your email and the data stays in the app directories.

Like all the basic features of the pharmacist, user, and admin panel are already discussed, to make it unique, you can always use some innovative ideas to make your app Uber for Pharmacy. It can be automated medicine refill alerts or video calling with pharmacists or the feature of locating the nearby medicine store.

Launch Your Uber For Pharmacy App By Expert Hands

Your first step towards the Medicine Delivery App development should be to find out an app development team. The team must understand your ideas and implement those in creating a medicine delivery app according to your expectations. You must try to find an experienced app developer or team so that you can clearly express your plan and expectations. 

medicine delivery app

As you outsource your work, it is very important to monitor the development task as well. You must be very clear and upright related to the features of the application. As it is the feature of the application which makes it unique and important, all the technical aspects must be clearly explained to the developer.

You must take care that all attributes of your medicine delivery app make it simple to use, fast, flexible, secured, and have the ability to send push notifications and updates to users. It should also have a compatible location tracking feature along with the property of communication between the pharmacist, delivery staff, and user of the app.

In The Bottomline

As it is already discussed that the success of your medicine delivery app depends upon your tendency of sticking to the marketplace model, hence, it is very important to impanel all local pharmacists in your app. This will keep you off from the market monopoly and will receive both strategic and operational support. 

Along with the development of the application, it is desired that you start with digital marketing campaigns so that people over the social media sites and communities get the knowledge about your launch. Use various methods of online promotions like social media campaigns, regular blog posting, and social media advertisements explaining the uniqueness and usefulness of your Uber for Pharmacy. 

As this business model involves no physical setup and inventory, you can invest the majority part of your planned budget behind medicine delivery app development and digital marketing activities. Remember that if you are able to deliver medicine to someone on time, you have the capability of saving lives. Get connected with experienced and trained application developers to initiate your process of Medicine Delivery App Development.

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