Top IoT 2020 Trends- What You Should Know

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What’s Inside?

This well-researched e-book talks about how IoT has revolutionized the transportation industry. Check out the top 2020 IoT trends of the transportation and logistics industry now and get your business digitally transformed.

  • Change In Transportation Game

    The transportation industry is experiencing a broader series of services with the introduction of machine learning, AI and other new-age tech innovations.
  • Detailed Tracking Feature

    Instead of barcode scans, people are making use of the sensors for tracking assets that are in transit.
  • Better Fleet Management Solutions

    Newer fleet management solutions like the enhancing capabilities of autonomous vehicle technology have led to better customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

    The digital tachographs that record distance, speed, and driver’s activity ensure the regulatory compliance and exact record-keeping for the entire fleet.
  • Recent Market Trends

    The major industry players are now currently focusing on growing their customer base by implementing the best IoT feature in automobiles.
  • Transportation Industry Advancements

    The advancements made in the transportation industry will get more sophisticated with time.