Trinidad’s MS Superstores increased revenue by 90% with the launch of Insta Express

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When MS Superstores was founded a century ago, it began as a simple home store in Trinidad, providing quality household essentials at affordable prices. The business has significantly grown, serving customers throughout the Caribbean.

At heart, however, it remains the same family-run business serving its local community. When owner Ravil Sookhoo wanted to make shopping even more convenient for its customers, he developed a digital vision for the business' future. That is when MS Superstores leveraged AllRide's delivery platform to launch Insta Express and redefine eCommerce in Trinidad and Tobago.


Handling multiple product lines, multiple vendors, multiple orders

As the latest generation in the brand's story, Ravil wanted to expand Insta Express' business further than ever before: globally.

Ravil needed an eCommerce delivery platform capable of facilitating his vision of scaling the business' delivery of multiple product lines from multiple vendors across departments, including apparel, sporting goods, homewares, furniture, and electronics.

“We want to improve lives around the Caribbean with a convenient and reliable way to purchase affordable and quality household essentials.”

Ravil Sookhoo CEO and Founder, Insta Express

Ravil recognized the hassle customers experience with multiple apps, so he was keen to create a 'one-stop' interactive platform capable of managing the business brands, models, and varieties, as well as its collective pricing model.

Ravil hoped that this future vision for Insta Express would benefit from a smart delivery system designed to save time through automation while ensuring the business and its customers benefit from real-time insights into order processing.


Finding an experienced partner to support business growth

Equipped with a clear vision for the future, Ravil sought an experienced partner capable of delivering his vision for Insta Express.

When he approached AllRide, he learned about its team's years of experience and the proven capabilities of AllRide Delivery.

It's designed to maximize a business's flexibility, productivity, and profitability and can easily manage multiple vendors, orders, and products.

Impressed by the platform's fully scalable, customizable capabilities and the team's proven development process, Ravil selected AllRide Apps as his project partner.

Working in close partnership

Working in close partnership with Ravil and his team, designers at AllRide conceived engaging designs for the Insta Express Retail application.

Once approved, the development team created a prototype. Sharing this with AllRide's experienced testers and Insta Express team members allowed for the rigorous testing needed to ensure customers benefit from the highest standard of user experience.


Integrating four components in one solution

Insta Express' 'one-stop' platform, a customized version of AllRide Delivery with the eCommerce add-on, comprises four components:

  • eCommerce website and app for customers
  • App for delivery agents
  • Delivery Management System
  • Vendor and Admin Management Panels

The customer application is more than visually engaging. It's built around the needs of end users - ensuring the multi-order processing and seamless navigation necessary for a user experience that is quick, easy, and hassle-free.

The solution's smart delivery system ensures customers have continuous access to interactive support. Once an order is placed, they benefit from information at their fingertips, thanks to its real-time tracking capabilities.


Delivering vendors with An outstanding support

The website offers multiple vendor support and provides customers with the easy navigation they want.

The Delivery Management System, for example, features a Dispatch Panel, - ensuring Ravil, his team, and his vendors benefit from real-time insights. Easy to use, the panel offers the most critical information clearly to users.

It also provides access to an automated inventory management system - allowing stock control in real-time. Working in this way simplifies workflows and saves time.

Redefining eCommerce throughout the Caribbean

Insta Express Retail has done more than help Ravil and his team meet their business goals: it's helped redefine eCommerce in Trinidad and Tobago.

  • More than 1500 customers rely on InstaExpress for their essential shopping needs, and - to date - more than 40,000 orders have been placed online.

Working with AllRide Apps has helped InstaExpress come online. It’s allowed users to shop for endless products from a vast inventory - supported by the flexible pricing options they want - from the comfort of their own homes.

  • Whether they order one item or several, they can expect them shipped directly to their doorstep - supported by the real-time tracking they expect from premium brands.

Real-time delivery capabilities have helped Insta Express re-establish the business connection with its customers, even when they are not physically in the store. Thus, creating new opportunities for the company to grow.

Final Product

Now the final Product!

Exciting right? Here are some of the screens of the final product we have provided to Insta Express.

Next Steps!

Looking ahead to the future


Working together has allowed Ravil's vision for Insta Express Retail to become a reality that's helping his customers - as well as his business - now and into the future.

Now the final product

Exciting right? Here are some of the screens of the final product we have provided to Insta Express.


Looking ahead to the future

Working together has allowed Ravil's vision for Insta Express Retail to become a reality that's helping his customers - as well as his business - now and into the future.

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