A trusted airport transfer software provides a seamless customer experience

By tapping on the the right airport transfer solution, businesses can help improve their processes and customer experience with:

  • Customizable and scalable airport transfer solutions
  • Streamlined operations and dispatching
  • Secure and convenient payment options
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Taxi Dispatch Software- Passenger App

What Has Our Airport Transfer Solution Stored For You?

Booking & Reservation Management

User-friendly interface for riders to book their airport transfers

Real-Time Updates &

Real-time updates and reports, and integration with GPS technology to track the cab


Optimized routes to avoid traffic, reduce idle time, and offer better customer service


Auto-assigning, managing driver profiles, availability, and performance easily


Accurate prediction on periods of high demand and proactively allocate additional resources


Capacity utilization data to identify peak hours, periods of high and low demand, and fluctuations in passenger volume

Fare calculation and

Fare calculation analyzing distance, time, & additional charges

Integration with other systems

Hassle-free 3rd-party integrations, such as payment gateways

Taxi Dispatch Software- Passenger App

Improve your booking process with airport shuttle software

Our airport shuttle reservation software provides instant online booking, reducing manual booking time and efforts for both passengers and operators and speeding up the process.

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Leverage real-time tracking & AI-driven data

Passengers can track the real-time location of their shuttle. It reduces waiting time at pick-up points & allows operators to monitor the status of their shuttles & make adjustments in case of flight delay.

Taxi Dispatch Software- Passenger App
Taxi Dispatch Software- Passenger App

Reduce costs & boost efficiency with vehicle utilization

With vehicle utilization data, businesses can gain insights into usage patterns, peak hours, and fluctuations in the market reducing costs and boosting efficiency.

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Automate driver assignment & speed up the process

Airport transfer businesses can allocate drivers based on real-time data, flight schedules, passenger arrivals, and traffic conditions.

Taxi Dispatch Software- Passenger App
Taxi Dispatch Software- Passenger App

Get your routes optimized

Our Airport Shuttle Software offers route optimization capabilities, allowing efficient planning and navigation for drivers based on traffic conditions, distance, and preferred routes.

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White Label Cab Apps Development USA

We are working to build a business platform that interconnects vehicles for hire to professional services to professional contractors. We initially targeted AllRide Cabs after doing an exhaustive Google search for vendors. They consistently meet and exceed every milestone. They're always open to suggestions and tweaks to the app.

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Raymond Lakings, CEO, UrPc, Texas

100+ Useful API Integrations

We understand that a business may need to team up with numerous services. This is the reason AllRide Apps connects with more than a hundred API integrations.

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Taxi Dispatch Software- Passenger App

Why should you team up with AllRide?

AllRide Airport Transfer Booking Software streamlines operations, enhances customer experience and improves the overall efficiency of the airport transfer service.

  • Keep your drivers updated about the changing flight status
  • Integration with flight tracking systems
  • Streamline driver & vehicle management
  • Automate customer communication
  • Get a hassle-free payment process
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AllRide Airport Transfer FAQs

Is there any additional cost for integrations?
Our airport transfer software development offers seamless integrations with third-party services, such as payment gateways, mapping services, and more. If there are any additional costs associated with integrating specific services, it will be discussed during the customization process.
Can I have my own branding?
Absolutely! We understand the importance of branding for your business. Our airport transfer booking software allows you to have your own branding, including your company logo, colors, and customizations to match your brand identity.
Is there any set-up cost?
A set-up cost is involved in implementing and configuring the airport shuttle software according to your specific requirements. The set-up cost covers the software's initial customization, integration, and deployment for your business.
Do you have an invoicing module?
Our airport taxi dispatch software includes a comprehensive invoicing module. It allows you to generate customer invoices based on their bookings, track payment statuses, and manage financial transactions efficiently.
Can the customers communicate with the drivers in real-time?
Absolutely! Our software provides real-time communication capabilities between customers and drivers. Passengers can communicate with their assigned drivers through the customer app, enabling seamless communication throughout the journey.
Can I approve/reject the driver/agent if they register themselves from the mobile application?
Yes, our software allows you to have control over driver and agent registrations. You can set up an approval process where you can review and approve or reject driver and agent registrations directly from the mobile application or the admin dashboard.
How is the driver/agent commission calculated? What is the payout method?
The driver/agent commission can be calculated based on your preferred criteria, such as a percentage of the fare or a fixed amount per trip. The payout method can be configured to suit your requirements, including options like direct bank transfers or digital wallets.
Can I set up the per km charges and surcharges? How?
You can set up per km charges and surcharges within our airport transfer software. These settings can be configured in the admin dashboard, allowing you to customize the pricing structure based on various factors such as distance, vehicle type

Upscale your airport transfer business with our solutions!

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