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BeMup has made my daily commute from home to office and vice versa much easier and faster

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Their App Idea

The client had a vision of providing a fuss free transport for daily commuters in the Netherlands. The ride app solution we created was based on our readymade software with the desired customization.

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    Manage subscription

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    GPS integration

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    Seamless online payment

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    Instant booking and cancellation

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Features They Felt Difficult

  • tick icon Without proper real time communication the functioning of any ride application becomes a risk. Handling real time communication properly posed as the next big risk.
  • tick icon Paying every time for a trip was not something liked by customers. We wanted to have a system where a customer needs to pay once in a month and then travel continuously without any hassle.

How We Made It Feasible?

  • black tickInnofied team developed a handshaking module for MQTT messages. This helped to check if MQTT messages were missed so that they could be redelivered. The handshaking module has really been of great use to stabilize the real time communication in the app.
  • black tickWe implemented a process of subscription through Stripe in regulation with the GDPR and SCA guidelines in Europe. User needs to pay a certain amount and buy certain number of kilo-meters. To ease the subscription process more, we implemented an auto-renewal feature that could again minimise the hassle of making a payment every month.

Technologies We Chose For BeMup

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A Glimpse Of Our UI Strategy


BeMup Simply Loved Our Work

An Outcome They Never Thought Of

The client from Netherlands wanted to launch a multi-platform ride hailing app with a vision of providing a fuss free and cost effective transport solution for daily commuters. One of the major challenges was to implement the subscription based model in which riders could buy a plan for each month. We surpassed the industry standards and made sure there was no lag.

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