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Dreaming of being CEO of the next Uber? Or the brand that eclipses Lyft? You're going to need innovative software solutions to make that happen. And building AI-driven, smart cab booking products for transport businesses is what we do here at AllRide Cab.

And before you ask, no it won't cost you a fortune to get up and running. Our off-the-shelf cab app solutions for car-sharing, vehicle-tracking transport businesses are tried and tested, and tested some more. They can be adapted to carry those unique features you can't wait to show the world. The ones that'll make your taxi service really stand-out online.

We're ready to make your dream of being your own boss a reality, quickly and affordably. Are you?

Which Cab Ride Solution Do You Need?

White Label Cab Management Solution
Taxi Booking Solution

Turn your business into the new Uber using our comprehensive taxi booking software and grab the attention of a whole new audience.

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Cab System
Limo Booking Solution

Tap into the demand for luxury limousine and chauffeur-driven services with our top-notch limo app development solutions.

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White Label Cab Software
Ambulance Booking Solution

Transform your emergency fleet service with a digital platform to help people in a medical distress for instant access to help.

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What AllRide Can Do For You

Instant And Scheduled Bookings

Instant and scheduled bookings- Your customers expect instant booking and ride scheduling services. AllRide will make sure that's what you deliver, with one-tap bookings and the ability to select the date, time, pick-up and drop-off locations for a future ride.

White Label On-Demand Cab Software
White Label Cab Apps Development
Fare Bidding

Digital rate card informs your passenger about the fare beforehand, which eliminates the issues of sudden price surges.

Real-time Location Tracking

Just like Uber, your app can have real-time tracking capabilities, so passengers can

  • See how many cars are nearby
  • Track their booked cab all the way until arrival
  • Follow the progress of their journey
Cab Booking Software UK
Cab Management Solution UK
Fleet And Driver Management

Digitize your fleet management and how you manage your team of drivers with a comprehensive administrative dashboard that lets you

  • Get instant updates on vehicle location
  • Track every trip
  • Handle customer complaints
  • View revenues earned
  • Add more features as per your requirements
  • Manage registration requests from potential new drivers
Ride Sharing

Give your customers the option to save money by riding with other passengers. They'll only be charged for the seats they take on the trip.

Cab System UK

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Customer Success Stories

Cab Software UK

This is our white label taxi app that, just like uber, has all the essential features you need to launch a digitized taxi business

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On-Demand Cab Software UK

Here's a unique ride solution we developed for a client in the netherlands to help them provide affordable transportation.

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White Label Cab Apps Development UK

A great example of how you can customize a taxi service for a specific market. This service caters exclusively for female passengers.

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AllRide Cab FAQs

Will AllRide Cab’s software solutions suit smaller transport companies?
Yes, our Uber-like app solution suits transport companies large and small (and medium). Choose us for a feature-rich app solution with the best UI/UX designs.
How quickly can you get my cab app up and running?
It depends on the size of your company. The bigger your business, the longer it will take us to set up the software and driver app in all of your vehicles. Of course, we'll always aim to get your taxi app solution up and running as quickly as possible.
To what extent is your taxi app solution customizable?
We have pre-built cab app solutions that are ready to go, but you can add and remove features as required to suit your business needs.
Can you help us push our app to the market when it's finished?
Absolutely. We will make your app/s available on Google Play and iTunes. You'll just need to give us your App Store credentials and we'll do the rest. We'll deploy your admin panel and back-end set-up in your preferred server too. We recommend AWS, as it's the most reliable.
How we are different from other similar Transport App Solutions?
Captivating UI/UX designs solutions to enrich your website UI & Interactive Apps. Free post delivery support for a month to make your app compatible with the latest version of the operating system. Solution ready in 5 days as we have few ready-made solutions. Multi-Lingual support that allows you to use different, translated versions of your taxi app 53 different languages. Multi-currency support for multiple currencies, independent of the site’s languages.

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You know your cab business will benefit from Uber-style technology. Customers demand digitization for taxi services, and if you've not got an app or digital presence, you're not in the game.

Maybe you're put off the idea by the start-up costs, or think investing in new tech is high risk. Sit back. Relax. We've got this. Our tech is affordable. And it works. You can even road test it yourself before you invest

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