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AllRide has introduced a car rental software solution to increase rental productivity and profitability, thus reducing downtime. We build user-friendly car rental management software to help you stay ahead of competitors with intelligent features and analytic tools, increase efficiency & profitability, and offer excellent customer support.

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Car rental business software

Manage Your Cab Rental Business With AI-driven Features

Now managing your cab rental business is easy with the AllRide car rental business software. Track your fleet, send real-time updates, optimize routes, and provide excellent customer service with high-end smart technology solutions at an affordable price.

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We are working to build a business platform that interconnects from vehicles for hire to professional services to professional contractors. We initially targeted AllRide Cabs after doing an exhaustive Google search for vendors. They consistently meet and exceed every milestone. They're always open to suggestions and tweaks to the app.

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Raymond Lakings,

CEO, UrPc, Texas

All-in-one Cab Rental Management Platform

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Improve Fleet Productivity

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Optimize Cab Routes

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Track Vehicles and Share Locations

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Enhance Driver Experience

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Reduce Downtime and Operational Cost

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Increase Profitability and Sustainability

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

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Customer App

  • 1. Simple Login Process

    Customers can now easily register with their email, phone, or use social login.

  • 2. Multiple Car Types

    Users can now choose multiple cars and other package types.

  • 3. Easy Booking

    Users can book the car of their choice in advance and stay updated.

  • 4. Payments & Receipts

    Ensure fare transactions with multiple payment options and proper ride receipts.

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Dispatch System

  • 1. Smart Analytics

    Easy-to-use admin dashboard gives you complete control of vehicle location, condition and more.

  • 2. Manage Vehicles

    Admins can manage, add and update vehicle information along with organizing your entire fleet.

  • 3. Manage Customers

    As admins, you can quickly add new customers, manage invoices, bookings, queries, and more.

  • 4. Manage Categories

    Vehicle categories can be updated as per their availability for rental bookings.

Customer App
Dispatch System

Get Started with AllRide Cab

With more than 100+ API integrations, AllRide car rental booking software can provide you with the best solutions for your fleet business.

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Customer Success Stories

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Here's a unique ride solution we developed for a client in the netherlands to help them provide affordable transportation.

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Call Me Cab

Using Our Readymade Taxi App Solutions, We Gave This Brazilian Business The Power To Let Their Customers Book Cabs On Demand.

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This is our white label taxi app that, just like uber, has all the essential features you need to launch a digitized taxi business

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A great example of how you can customize a taxi service for a specific market. This service caters exclusively for female passengers.

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Quick tips that can help you launch and optimize your Cab Rental Business

Features that will add value to your business, our advanced technology stack, and everything you need to know to launch your business.

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AllRide Cab FAQs

What is Car Rental Software?
Car rental software is an online platform used by Car Rental business owners. It helps their business accept online reservation requests from customers and get paid for renting their cars through the software without hassles. It can manage the most critical elements of a car rental company through a modular network. It connects fleet management activities, people, and business to increase operational efficiency.
What does car rental booking software cost?
The costs of car rental software depend on what the solution offers. Many outdated management solutions are free but have some limitations in managing vehicle rentals. You can share your requirements with us by requesting a quote. After considering your needs, we will be able to provide you with an estimation.
Why do we need car rental reservation software?
Car rental reservation software allows you to accept online bookings and deal with your entire fleet with a well-designed reservation system. It lets your clients book available cars online, request quotes, and make payments quickly. It also has other vital features, such as data management, sales management, billing and invoicing, asset management, etc.
What personal information and documentation the car rental company will need to make their bookings?
The following information is required from the car rental company -
  1. 1. Name
  2. 2. Company
  3. 3. Email ID
  4. 4. Phone Number
  5. 5. Select Fleet Size
  6. 6. Select Industry
  7. 7. City
  8. 8. Country

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