Inno Ride is an end to end solution for cab booking

Inno Ride has made booking cabs so much easier and hassle free.

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Michael Halpert

Their App Idea

The client had certain customization requirements for this ride application which our expert developers did with utmost ease. We had the excellent design custom made for them and they loved every bit of it.

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    Real time communication

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    GPS integration

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    Seamless online payment

  • automated payemnt

    Instant booking and cancellation

innoride taxi app screen

Features They Felt Difficult

  • tick icon They visioned real time vehicle tracking and accuracy with our on-demand cab app solution that comes with in-built security. Our developer team created a taxi app solution that eliminates complexity of the ride app and helps to established a high-end secured connection between drivers and users.

How We Made It Feasible?

  • black tick The taxi booking software turns out to be the best ride app base solution which can build your ride app in just few days. Passengers can book cabs without prior selecting destination. With fuss free payment integration, a complete detailed information will be displayed at both end.

Technologys We Chose For Inno Ride

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A Glimpse Of Our UI Strategy


An Outcome They Never Thought Of

The client wanted some changes in our readymade solution which our experienced developers did with utmost ease. To bring perfect harmony between the taxi and user, we used MQTT, and the result was outstanding. The app was loved by both our client and the users!

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