UrPC - The Next-Gen Personal Chauffeur App in Texas

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IT pro, Raymond Lakings from Houston, Texas, has a vision: connecting riders with luxurious ridesharing opportunities delivered by his team of professional chauffeurs.

The result? UrPC - an app that keeps the rider’s experience and operational excellence at the forefront.

When rideshare companies first began offering services in the US, Raymond noticed they lacked the personalization that drives customer loyalty.

The entrepreneur set out to change this by offering quality rideshare services from a personal chauffeur. He began his journey by attaching his fleet and drivers to a leading rideshare app serving as his aggregator.


Highlighting the difference

While the aggregator offered a solution, UrPC CEO, Raymond knew that - for his business to be a success - he needed a bespoke taxi solution built that delivered customers with a distinct difference.

In his mind, the UrPC app should allow customers and riders to choose their chauffeurs based on ratings, reviews, and other parameters, as well as being able to select the vehicle of their choice.

That, however, was just the start.


Overcoming critical challenges

Benchmarking ridesharing apps offered Raymond an opportunity to identify three crucial challenges that must be overcome.

Secure, real-time communication, for example, is a ‘must’ for businesses competing in this sector. Failure to deliver this comes at a high cost, as it prevents customers and chauffeurs from connecting successfully.

The business’ focus on quality highlights issues around setting standards. The client recognized the importance of monitoring quality in several areas of customer care. The app needed to provide Raymond and his team with the ability to measure, monitor, and control several parameters to ensure customers benefit from the highest standards.

Referrals play a massive role in the success of any app, so Raymond was keen to implement a rewards program that incentivizes sharing and downloads of the app.

Leveraging value with AllRide Apps

Raymond has found the team easy to work with. He explained

“They’re always open to suggestions and tweaks to the app. Most impressive is their ability to communicate along with the team they have managed to build in two different areas in India.”

“They consistently meet and exceed every milestone.”

Raymond Co-founder & Director, UrPc

Harnessing smart technologies

With his background in IT, Raymond understood the importance of standing apart from existing apps and the value that working with an experienced partner creates.


Raymond was impressed by Team AllRide’s portfolio, which includes many projects similar to his own. This, together with the team’s technical knowledge, inspired his confidence in their ability to deliver his vision successfully.

Team AllRide regularly leverages smart technologies throughout its work. Raymond was particularly interested in areas including:

  • Passenger demand forecasting to predict demand for ride-hailing services in specific areas.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for fraud detection, risk assessment, safety processes, marketing, matching drivers and riders, and so on.
  • Chatbot implementation for better customer experience.

Inspiring confident communication

Every ridesharing app is different. However, to be successful, they must meet one criterion: ensuring secure, real-time communication with customers.

The UrPC app meets the demands for real-time communication thanks to the AllRide team’s development of a customized handshaking module for MQTT messages. This ensures that any missed messages are redelivered to provide crystal-clear communications with customers.


Creating a customized solution

UrPC is equipped with a custom comprehensive control panel benefitting from the features Raymond needs to get operations running their best.

Because the app is integrated with the client’s chauffeur booking system, it allows easy administration for a range of operations, including payments, pricing, and chauffeur management.

Simplifying payment processing


Payment processing within the rideshare sector creates complex calculations that need to be navigated by the technical team.

The base cost, for example, needs to be split between administration and investors, as well as the UrPC bucket.

Designed to reward those who refer the app to colleagues and friends, the UrPC bucket benefits from complex formulas built around driving variables.
Partnering with Stripe enabled Team AllRide to streamline the process while ensuring payments are made accurately, efficiently, and automatically.

Final Product

Now the final Product!

Exciting right? Here are some of the screens of the final product we have provided to UrPc

Next Steps!

Looking ahead to the future

Since he began working with Team AllRide on the UrPC app, Raymond has not looked back. He is pleased with the results they have achieved and looks forward to continuing this success in the future.

Now the final product

Exciting right? Here are some of the screens of the final product we have provided to GCG.


Looking ahead to the future

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