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AI-Powered Smart Ambulance Booking Software

People in medical distress want helpful, convenient, and instant solutions to emergencies. Ambulance services often need help to provide the services people expect under challenging circumstances.

AllRide Ambulance Management Software solutions use technology to bridge this gap by leveraging mobile convenience for faster, easier, and instant access to your services. Our robust ambulance dispatch software can make providing emergency services flawless. We do this using AI-driven advanced fleet management and UX strategy, having interaction principles that have worked for more than 70 transport businesses.


Complete EMS Dispatch Software

Embracing digitization for sustainable growth has become easier for your business with Allride Ambulance. Our pre-built end-to-end customizable emergency dispatch software solution can streamline your emergency transportation services, regardless of the size of your fleet and current business model. We accelerate growth by deploying smart tech while preserving the value of your existing investments.

Our advanced EMS dispatch software includes several features to improve efficiency, response time, and effectiveness. Some of the features include:

  • Real-time GPS tracking & intelligent resource allocation

  • Priority-based dispatching and automatic vehicle status updates

  • Intelligent routing and traffic analysis

  • Mobile applications for crew & integration with hospital systems

  • Two-way communication & data analytics, and reporting

  • Integration with a public safety system

EMS dispatch software

User App

The user app is an integral part of our robust ambulance booking software. Our user app gives your users the flexibility of booking ambulance services in a matter of seconds. The user solution has been tested to ensure zero compromises on stability and overall quality post-launch.

  • Instant booking
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Choose a medical emergency centre
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Emergency dispatch software

Driver App

Our next-gen ambulance fleet management software lets your drivers reach the patient’s location on time and drop off at the destination safely and fast. You can choose from a number of features to best suit your business:

  • Instant notification on service request
  • GPS navigation integration
  • Expected shorter pickup
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EMS dispatching software

Dispatch System

Get full control of your business from our powerful admin dashboard. Request a demo and see what automation can do for your business.

  • Emergency medical centre management
  • Fleet and driver management
  • Revenue management
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ambulance dispatch software?
Ambulance dispatch software is designed to assist ambulance service providers in managing their operations. The software allows dispatchers to receive and prioritize calls, dispatch ambulance crews, and track the status of ambulances in real time.
What are the benefits of using ambulance management software?
Ambulance management software streamlines dispatch operations, improves response times and enhances communication between dispatchers and ambulance crews. Additionally, it enables real-time tracking of ambulances and provides data analytics for performance evaluation and improvement.
Can ambulance booking software be integrated with other systems?
Yes. It can be integrated with other systems, such as electronic patient care reporting, hospital patient tracking, and billing systems. Integration with these systems helps streamline operations and provides a complete picture of patient care and resource utilization.
Is EMS dispatch software customizable to our specific needs?
Our EMS dispatch software solutions offer customization options to meet the specific needs of different organizations. Customization may include adapting workflows, configuring forms and data fields, defining dispatch rules, and tailoring reporting templates. It is essential to discuss customization possibilities with the software provider to ensure alignment with your requirements.
How secure is emergency dispatch software in terms of data protection?
Data security is a critical aspect of emergency dispatch software. We employ robust security measures, such as encryption, user access controls, audit logs, and compliance with data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR). Cloud-based solutions often utilize secure servers and regular backups to ensure data integrity and availability.
I run a small business. Will AllRide Ambulance Dispatch Software suit me?
Yes. Our ready to go Uber-like solution is scalable to suit all kinds of companies, and you can choose as many or as few features as you need.
How long does getting my ambulance booking software up and running take?
We can deliver our ready-made ambulance app development solutions in 7 days, but the precise time depends on the size of your business, as we'll need to set up the software as per the customizations you choose. It will be quicker to use AllRide Ambulance than to build your solution from scratch.
I can customize your ambulance fleet management software, right?
Absolutely right. You can brand our off-the-shelf solution according to your business requirements and add and remove features as you wish.
What can I expect when working with AllRide Ambulance?
Our team follows a well-established ambulance app development workflow that's proven to benefit our clients and ensure the timely delivery of your ideal ambulance app solution.
Can you help us launch our mobile ambulance application too?
Absolutely. On completion, we'll make your app available for download on Google Play and iTunes. As regards your admin panel and backend set-up, we'll deploy it in your preferred server, although we always recommend AWS as it's the most reliable.

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