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Smoother Vehicle Fleet Management

Manage your vehicle fleet, drivers, customers, and bookings seamlessly from an intuitive portal.

Customizable Features to Suit Your Business Needs

Choose from a wide range of customizations and 3rd party integration options to stay at the top.

Vehicle Type Selection

User friendly vehicle type selection for customers to choose their preferred vehicle types from a list of available options.

Choice of Payment Options

Customers can choose from a wide range of country specific payment options including credit card, cash, wallets etc.

Assured Passenger Safety

Allow riders to add upto 2 emergency contacts in their profiles. Riders can also share their locations in real time with selected contacts.

Route Optimization

Increase operational efficiency by using cost effective routes. Helps in reducing journey time and increasing rides.

Fare Bidding for Affordable Rides

Featuring an intelligent mechanism to make rides most affordable with fare bidding.

Passenger enters the pickup and destination address. The system shortlists nearest drivers so that they can start submitting their bids. The bids automatically start appearing on the customer's screen.

Passengers sit back and relax while drivers place their bids. Drivers will be able to see bids placed by other drivers and choose to counter bid.

Passengers select the cheapest bid and pay. The winning bidder (driver) receives confirmation and the ride starts.

AllRide Cab Booking Form

AllRide Cab Booking Form

AllRide Cab Booking Form

AllRide Cab Booking Form

AllRide Cab Booking Form

AllRide Cab Booking Form

AllRide Cab Booking Form

“We provided them with wireframes to start the project, from which they built and launched the app. We are extremely happy with what Innofied built and how long it took to complete.”

- Joe Sanfelippo President, Logistibid Corp

“Most impressive is their ability to communicate along with the team they have managed to build in 2 different areas in India. They consistently meet and exceed every milestone. They're always open to suggestions and tweaks to the app”

- Raymond Lakings CEO, UrPC

“I wish every software developer were like them. The team is open and honest, and I absolutely trust them.”

- Frank Kroon Founder, BeMup

“They have great customer service. They not only commit to the business, but to the idea. They are very good listeners. They can also enlighten and teach you and make your idea even more fantastic. They have the knowledge and that was priceless. Everything about them is great. We went to India and they treated us like family.”

- Larizza V. Maya CEO, Pro-Skool

“They're crazy. They're great. An Awesome experience.”

- Pedro Laplaza VP of Design, Viapool
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Smart Customer App Experience

Experience smart features like Real-time Tracking, Automatic Fare Calculation, & Driver Onboarding.

Real Time Tracking

  • Receive details of the allotted car, details of the driver, current location and ETA to the pick-up point.
  • Locate drivers on the map as they drive towards the pick-up point and as you ride.

Automatic Fare Calculation

  • Automatically calculate fares and minimize surprises by notifying passengers about fares at the time of booking.

Easy Driver Onboarding and Management

  • Self-explanatory driver registration module to make it faster and easier for Drivers to register with necessary details.
  • Detailed dashboard for drivers to track daily trips earnings, passenger feedback and performance insights.

Forecasts and Estimations Made by In-app AI

The application uses AI and ML that help you make critical business decisions.

Intelligent Demand Forecasting

Know when to be prepared for a higher rush. An intelligent algorithm analyses booking trends and provide insights on areas that are likely to experience higher demand.

Reliable pickup and drop estimation

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing reliable pick and drop-off times using advanced AI based route optimization.

Scaled up Customer support

Let AI based Chatbots handle first level customer queries and tasks. Let your staff handle only the necessary customer requests.

Manage Surge Pricing

An innovative module that matches fare with capacity and automatically switch rates depending on demand and capacity.

Smart Geofence Boundaries

Define Geofencing of zones to manage operational areas by easily adding cities/provinces or states. The system sends notifications automatically whenever any vehicle enters or exits a Geofence.

Promo Codes and Discount Management

Set up, update, and publish offers from the promo code section by adding vouchers, coupons, and discounts for your customers.

Revenue Tracking and Easy Overseeing of ROI

A detailed revenue chart showcasing business earnings and owners’ maintenance fund, that helps you analyze your business financials.

Our Integrations

Seamlessly connect with 100+ third party services and APIs for ease of your customers.

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