Predict future transport demand and improve your business revenue with AllRide's demand forecasting tools.

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What is Demand Forecasting?

Demand forecasting refers to the process of predicting future demand for a product or service to make smarter business decisions. AllRide’s demand forecasting tools help your business estimate the probable demand and supply variables for a given period of time by studying empirical data.

With AllRide’s innovative solutions, you can

  • Understand and predict demand,
  • Improve labor scheduling,
  • Optimize operational planning,
  • Maintain profitable supply according to demand,
  • Prolong fleet lifecycle within the industry.

Who will benefit from our demand forecasting solutions

AllRide’s demand forecasting solution will significantly help any industry dealing with global and domestic market uncertainties. Some of these include:

What AllRide’s demand forecasting helps you with

As the solution provider, AllRide surveys multiple fleet business owners to identify the most common challenges these industries face.

  • High operational costs
  • Fleet under-utilization
  • Inability to plan vehicle purchases
  • Predicting maximum booking demand
  • Hampered profit due to no exposure to market trends

What AllRide’s demand forecasting helps you with!

As the solution provider, AllRide surveys multiple fleet business owners to identify the most common challenges these industries face.

  • High operational costs
  • Fleet under-utilization
  • Inability to plan vehicle purchases
  • Inaccurate decision making
  • Predicting maximum booking demand
  • Unsatisfactory customer service
  • Hampered profit due to no exposure to market trends

Demand Forecasting Can be
Game- changing for Your Fleet and Delivery Business

Even prosperous businesses can suffer from various fleet-related issues that can be solved by implementing demand forecasting. AllRide provides a comprehensive fleet management system to multiple small, mid-size, and enterprise-level fleet businesses.

Operational efficiency

Helping corporations make smarter business decisions

AllRide helps you determine future demand after considering internal factors like empirical data and real-life constraints like seasonality, weather, etc. When done well, our solutions can help your transport or delivery business gain a competitive advantage in the market.

  • 40% reduction in operational costs.
Surge pricing

Advanced surge pricing optimization to improve profitability

AllRide helps you analyze market trends during peak hours and set prices accordingly. In the fleet context, in particular, optimizing for surge pricing is crucial due to the dynamic nature of pricing and high competitiveness. For instance, a cab service provider can accurately forecast peak hours in certain areas and adjust the pricing to compensate for the increased demand.

  • $60,000 saving per month in admin workload
Business expansion

Plan a vehicle purchase strategy and scale your business

By forecasting accurately, you can see the need for your business within a timeframe and plan a growth strategy by determining the vehicle type and quantity necessary to run your fleet business effectively. Since capital expenditures can be expensive, designing a vehicle purchase strategy can facilitate your overall business expansion plans.

  • Vehicle Idling got minimized significantly
Fleet repositioning

Best in class fleet repositioning insights to get the most out of your fleet

With demand forecasting tools at your disposal, you can make informed decisions about when and where to allocate vehicles based on demand surges. You can assign and re-allocate drivers effectively on a particular day, time, or location. AllRide helps you spot potential disruptors in advance so that you can plan additional resources and avoid business loss.

  • 75% improvement in driver productivity.
Seasonality forecasting

Future-ready with smart scenario-based decisions

Predicting seasonal fluctuations in demand and fleet supply helps you meet demand surges during certain junctures, like vacations, weekends, etc., and price your services accordingly. Seasonality forecasting, when applied correctly, can work wonders in reducing business costs and increasing bottom-line profitability.

  • 500 hours saving per day with predictive vehicle allocation

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