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Experience The Power Of AI-Based Fleet Management

Using digital technology to run your limousine business is no longer a luxury. It's a necessity. Suppliers of premium-quality ride services worldwide are seeing the benefits of having Uber-style, AI-driven apps and limo booking software to give passengers, drivers, and management teams a better service and greater visibility.

AllRide Limo and chauffeur software solutions can make sure your luxury, chauffeur-driven service business effortlessly glides into the fast lane when it comes to attracting new customers and exploiting the digital delights of apps and other luxury car booking, tracking, and limo dispatch software.

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The Complete Limo Booking Suite

From stretch limousines and Humvees to classic Bentleys and Range Rovers, however, your business chauffeurs your clientele from A to B; having limousine dispatch software on your side of the road will bring sizeable benefits. Your clients will enjoy the luxury of booking or scheduling rides via their smart devices. Your drivers can work with greater ease and efficiency, and you can track and run your business with less hassle.

Highly functional & customizable chauffeur
booking software

AllRide Apps delivers innovative chauffeur booking software that is designed to cater to the unique requirements of different clients. It brings some useful features, including reservation management, scheduling, and dispatch management. Our solutions are scalable and customizable, so you can quickly get them to fit in your existing chauffeur business setup.

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White Label Cab Apps Development USA

We are working to build a business platform that interconnects from vehicles for hire to professional services to professional contractors. We initially targeted AllRide Cabs after doing an exhaustive Google search for vendors. They consistently meet and exceed every milestone. They're always open to suggestions and tweaks to the app.

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Raymond Lakings, CEO, UrPc, Texas

Chauffeur booking software

Passenger App

Create an ultra-luxurious and hassle-free experience for your passengers with our limo app solution. It's packed with essential features, including:

  • Instant and advanced booking
  • Push notifications
  • Seamless online payments
  • Advanced security features
  • Real-time limousine location tracking
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Limo dispatch software

Driver App

Drivers can dodge traffic jams and get your clientele to that vital meeting in time using the real-time navigation assistant. It's just one of the many features we can incorporate into your Limo Driver app. Others include:

  • Easy trip start and end functionality
  • Full trip information service, including time and cost and route taken
  • Location and destination information
  • Push notifications to alert drivers
  • Ability for drivers to earn ratings
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Limo dispatching software

Dispatch System

Even if you're not out on the road driving clients to their destination, AllRide Limo puts you in full control back at base. Our manager dashboard delivers comprehensive information and lets you manage every aspect of your limo business. Features include:

  • Journey trackers for each driver
  • Monitor driver speed, braking and chosen route
  • Full passenger and driver management information
  • Profit and loss management tools
  • GPS-powered location tracking features
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6 Reasons To Choose AllRide Cab To Develop Your Limo Booking Solution

Build Your Taxi Brand with AllRide Cabs

Check out our guide to explore features that will add value to your business, improve bus ticket booking app development, the advanced technology stack we use, and everything you need to know to launch your business.

AllRide Cab FAQs

What is limo software?
Limo software, short for "limousine software," refers to customizable software solutions designed for the management and operation of limousine and chauffeur-driven car services. These software systems can be tailored to limousine companies and luxury transportation providers' unique needs.
My limousine company is only small. Can AllRide Apps help me?
Of course. Our solution is both customizable and scalable, so it will work for limousine companies of all sizes.
How long can I expect it to take you to deliver my limo software?
We can deliver solutions 'out of the box' within 7 days. But if you require changes or additions to our readymade solutions, it will take us longer. So too if you have a very large business, as the software and driver app will need to be set-up in all of your vehicles.
How can booking be optimized with AllRide's limo reservation software solution?
Utilizing our limousine software for booking allows you to streamline your operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve overall efficiency. Automation, real-time information, integrated payment processing, and effective communication channels contribute to a smoother booking process, optimized resource utilization, and a superior experience for customers and service providers.
To what degree is your limo application solution customizable?
Very much so. Our readymade solution has the essential features, but we can add and take away elements to suit your needs.
How do you approach each project?
Thanks to our extensive experience, we have been able to establish a way of working that's proved its worth in terms of delivering project results. You can find out more about the project management system we use here.
We'll be looking to push our app to market. Can you help with that?
That's all part of the service. We will deploy your apps in iTunes and Google Play when you share your App Store details with us. Your administrative dashboard and back end features will also be hosted on your preferred server (we recommend AWS for its reliability).
What are the key features of your chauffeur booking software?
Our chauffeur booking software has many advanced features, which make chauffeur service management easier. Some of the key features are:
Customer data management
Driver allocation
Booking management
Accounting integrations
Automated invoice generation
How does limousine dispatch software work?
Limousine dispatch software manages their fleet of vehicles and drivers efficiently. It typically includes a web-based interface or mobile app for dispatchers to manage reservations, assign drivers to trips, and monitor their progress in real-time.

Here's how a typical limousine dispatch software works:

Booking: Customers can book a ride through the limousine company's website or mobile app. The reservation system captures customer details, pickup and drop-off locations, and the time and date of the ride.

Dispatch: Once a reservation is made, the dispatch system assigns a driver and vehicle based on the customer's requirements, such as the type of vehicle, the number of passengers, and the pickup time. Dispatchers can view the availability of drivers and vehicles in real-time and assign them to reservations accordingly.

Communication: The dispatch software enables communication between the driver and dispatcher via a mobile app. Dispatchers can send messages to drivers regarding trip details, changes in the itinerary, or other instructions.

GPS Tracking: The dispatch system tracks the location of vehicles in real-time using GPS technology. Dispatchers can monitor the progress of each trip, including the location of the vehicle and the estimated time of arrival.

Billing: The limousine dispatch software can generate invoices automatically based on the completed trips. The billing system can be integrated with payment gateways, allowing customers to pay online or via mobile app.

The Perfect Blend Of AI And Automation

Using our ready-made limousine software solutions, we can quickly and easily create unique passenger and driver apps, as well as fleet management dashboards, all designed to boost your profitability.

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