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How Digital Transformation Can Help Grow Your Limo Business by 300%

If you are an owner of an on-demand limousine service providing business and want to know the easiest tricks on how to grow your limo business, then let me start with a short account first.

Recently I got into conversation with a very dear friend and a budding entrepreneur about how important it is for all the businesses – big or small, into logistics or manufacturing, to adapt to the newest technology viz. like IoT, smart mobility and AI. He, being old school, insisted that for core businesses like logistics or manufacturing  the basics are still the same and the new technologies, though are making an impact, but not something really essential for success

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Well, I agreed and disagreed. 

Adapting and embracing the new technologies is a sure-shot formula to survive in this ever-changing world. The demands of the end-users are dynamic and competition is cut-throat, if you do not modify your offerings according to the requirement, you may lose out to your competitors.

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Our conversation must have been really animated, because it attracted a lot of audience. And, particularly one gentleman who had recently ventured into the luxury Limo business and from the looks of it appeared to be struggling with it. We had a very fruitful, lengthy conversation, which I thought I should share with all of you.

As the conversation went bland and the crowd dispersed, I asked that gentleman a straight question – what is your single most challenging thing about the Limo business you are in? He said, there is not one. I am facing lots of challenges for almost everything I do. 

He then went on talking about the major pain-points he experienced.

Challenges Faced By The Limousine Business Owners

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These are the challenges I am sure most of the traditional Limo business owners (and so my friend) are facing. 

1. Difficulty in reaching out to the right kind of audience

This seemed to be quite a pain-in-the-neck challenge for him and rightly so. Limousine is considered luxury and has a very niche audience that is happy to splurge money on the luxury it brings. The ones who do can not be reached via traditional methods of advertising. Cold calling your prospects doesn’t work (and honestly is quite annoying for the rest of us as well!). He also mentioned that Limo business is quite seasonal or specific to special occasions like weddings, birthdays etc.; lack of proper customer data often leads to missing these important events and eventually losing out on huge opportunities.

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2. Retaining good chauffeurs

He further added, good chauffeurs are hard to come by, add to this if the business is in chaos, they are lured by competition or they simply leave on their own. This causes a hindrance while you plan to grow your limo business. He narrated one incident when his chauffeur had to pick a customer from a remote location, and due to some miscommunication, the chauffeur was driving in circles but couldn’t reach the customer. Exasperating! For each one of us. The client was fuming, the chauffeur was frustrated and, needless to say, a lot of fuel was wasted as well. Per hour billing, fleet information, salaries, other details pertaining to the chauffeur and  customer are tough to maintain.

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3. Having a centralised mechanism to maintain various records

Another Limo business challenge he said faced was all his records – from drivers’ information, to their payroll, to the customers’ data everything was scattered. Everything needs to be manually updated and has a tremendous scope of mis-management. He went to add the necessity to have one go-to dashboard that will give the Limo business owner information about everything related to his business. In this way you as a business owner can scale or grow your limo business. Something that will tell him about his daily commitments, information about the customer, the chauffeurs, and other nitty-gritties related to the Limo business. This not only makes working easy but also reduces the errors to negligible.

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Honestly, he had all the valid points. His brand image and day-to-day survival was at stake. He knew Limo business was not a child’s play but what I could decipher of the conversation was that without digitalization the chaos was unmanageable. I, then, enlightened him about how he could get out of the mess that he was drawn into. It was no mumbo-jumbo formula but simply adapting to contemporary digital solutions viz. AI, IOT, Smart mobility etc. would  offer much more than he could have imagined. I then narrated a few personal incidents where I saw close friends of mine have seen a yearly growth of as much as 300% after improving their present system to a more advanced and automated model. No kidding!  

He was as flabbergasted as you are now. But I have facts and figures to support my claims. Penning down top reasons that will tell you how opting for Limo business solutions can bring in a sea change in your current business scenario.

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How Digitization Can Help Scale Or Grow Your Limo Business?

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Digitization to many of us seems like a terrifying word, it demands a lot out of us. Almost like a paradigm shift? Isn’t it? Hell No! As tough as it seems to be, adapting to the newer ways of doing things may seem like in the long run digitalisation will make your business way easier and error free. Digitization, simply put, is using digital technologies (a website, and/or an app) to upgrade your business model. Listed below are the ways how it can help your business. 

1. Assured enhanced customer experience

A comprehensive Limo solution will provide your customers – robust booking system, decreased waiting time, transparent billing system and full information about Chauffeur. With a GPS tracking system in place, the miscommunication will be minimalized. It will also offer you ways of communicating with your chauffeurs better, considerably improving your relationship with them. Also, with all relevant data in place, your chance of missing important milestones of your customers like birthdays, wedding anniversaries are almost nil.

2. Bridge the gap between you and the chauffeur

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A happy employee is a good employee. Wouldn’t you agree, I asked my new friend. He nodded in agreement. I explained to him an exhaustive Limo solution also offers a dedicated drivers’ app that will help you communicate with your chauffeur better. You will have all the information on your fingertips and the chauffeur on other hand will have clear-cut instructions about his job and daily tasks. Armed with information like GPS tracking, relevant customer details (like name and pick and drop coordinated.) chauffeur will be able to ensure that there are minimal goof-ups. You, as employer, on other hand can manage lots of details regarding salaries of chauffeurs, their attendance, their personal data and other useful information at once place and secured. In this way, you can boost and grow your limo business. 

3. Leverage Data Analytics

I, then, addressed his biggest challenge – how do I find my customer or what should I do to lure them? Data Analytics is his weapon, I told him, and armed with correct customer data – he can do wonders in his Limo business. When you understand your customers better, you understand their needs and hobbies, you are in a better position to design the solutions around them. Data analytics maps you to the right kind of audience and you can use this opportunity to strike gold. It will also help you analyse what your competitors are doing, you can build your strategy accumulating all this knowledge.

4. Increase your profits exponentially

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This is a no-brainer if you ask me. What does a happy customer, a content employee and an organised business translate into? A better brand value, a commendable market position and yes, let me spell it for you … P-R-O-F-I-T-S. This is not all, you can use and reflect on the feedback and reviews that you receive from your partners (both customers and the chauffeurs) and further use them to improvise your offerings. Digitization also helps cut a lot of financial overheads and helps you streamline the process. This is another major factor that ultimately leads to growth. 

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Wrapping it up

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I must say, after our interesting exchange, I could see my new friend’s face a little lit and hopeful. He knew what he thought was a hopeless situation, actually had a ray of hope. He then asked me one last question – poignant one at that – You suggest going digitalised, use Limo business solution to the hilt, but it will require me to dig further into my pocket, is it worth the effort and money I will spend? I am sure you all have the same question, don’t you?

Limo business solutions are tailor-made, customised to your needs and can be scaled up and down as per your budget and requirement. Yes, it is an additional cost, but it is at par of what you would incur for marketing or similar activities. While marketing results would still be a mixed bag, your investment in Limo business solutions will hit the jackpot. 

With that assurance and a wider smile, we parted our ways. 

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