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AllRide Apps delivers award-winning, 100% customizable white-label solutions for your Limo business, providing you with an edge over your competitors!

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What’s Inside?

We want to be your mobile technology partner in developing a robust Limo Booking service platform to make daily commute convenient and seamless. AllRide Limo Booking solution provides native iOS & Android app experiences for booking a limo from anywhere conveniently. Constraints like the number of users, Limousine registration, tracking or payments are never going to worry you. Know how we do it.

  • Technology & Solution Architecture

    A versatile Limo Booking App development environment and framework based on powerful technology stack helps us deliver award-winning customizable white label solutions.
  • Seamless Payments

    Users can pay in advance, choose to pay after boarding the Limousine or even opt-in for a subscription plan once they are comfortable with your service.
  • Real-time Tracking

    Once a booking is made, users will be notified about important updates and can track their Limo to reach their stop in time with accurate ETA.
  • Astounding Features

    With commuting requirements skyrocketing, enter the lucrative market with a dedicated Limo Booking service mobile app powered with the most remarkable features, help ease daily commuting for professionals, citizens, and employees.
  • Analytics with a data-driven approach

    AllRide apps are smart solutions functioning as a digital business operator to ensure that you execute data-driven decisions with the in-build analytics report generation software accessible from your dashboard.
  • Seamless Technical Support

    We value your business and offer a dedicated support team with 24*7 availability to resolve any concerns for uninterrupted functioning, which is free for 30 days post-delivery of your Limo Booking Application.

With our cost-efficient pre-built scripts, commence your Limo booking business immediately with zero time to market. To know more download our BROCHURE completely FREE OF COST!Download Now