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Secrets To Successful Courier Delivery App Development: Step-By-Step Guide

The growth of on-demand logistics apps has witnessed a phenomenal sprout in recent years. The courier delivery business is large and dynamic. Consumer studies have revealed that they are ready to pay extra for instant or same-day delivery.  So, considering this scenario the courier delivery app development has become the greatest boon for logistics businesses. As the world goes digital, real-time tracking of parcels, monitoring, and lightning-fast feedback has become the norm. 

courier delivery app development

Customers can now place and track their orders online, give reviews, and control their delivery options. The parcel delivery service is embracing this digital innovation to increase their footprints and to satisfy customers. 

There are three essential layers involved in these apps. Customers, service providers, and business owners are the three important aspects of this sector. 

The courier delivery apps are the simplest ways for logistics companies to stay ahead of their competition. In this guide, you will get to know about the working, usefulness, and other significant features of an on-demand courier delivery app. 

courier deliveryReasons Behind The Demand For Courier Delivery Apps

Mobile apps have made our lives significantly easier and you can now pay your bills and book your order with just a few taps. The parcel delivery service app has become hugely popular and the need of the hour. They provide amazing customer satisfaction and maximize user benefits. Here are some of the reasons people rely on courier delivery services:

1. Book Your Orders with Ease

The process of courier delivery app development is in tune with the latest technological advancements. It eliminates the need to travel to offices for booking parcels. The automated booking features help you to book parcels by customizing your dates and parcel category. 

courier delivery2. Swiftness in Tracking

Tracking your courier order is one of the major hurdles that you generally face while using traditional parcel delivery services. The process becomes simple when you have an on-demand courier delivery app by your side. Logistics apps use the barcodes from a particular parcel to track your shipment. Real-time tracking also enables the customers to know the status of booked parcels including the time of delivery. 

3. Regular Updates and Notifications

Earlier people used to worry about delivery ETA of their booked parcel. But online parcel delivery service has reduced the complications. Now customers can always stay updated by regular notifications through these online apps.

courier tracking4. Better Customer Satisfaction

The online delivery apps have made customers happy. The online apps have provided them with complete peace of mind by sending them regular updates. Seamless booking, multiple payment getaways, periodic updates entail a sense of satisfaction for your customers. So, on-demand apps help to solve the primary goal of satisfying customers. 

5. Efficient Warehouse Management

Efficient store management is one of the key functionalities of online delivery apps. You can easily track store inventories with just a few clicks. It helps you also to keep a track of stock and inventories of sold, ordered, and delivered items from the warehouse. You can keep in touch with the warehouse 24X7 which ultimately ensures better management. 

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6. Easy Transport Handling 

Managing transport is a major challenge for any logistics company. Modern courier delivery app development has solved this issue to a great extent. These apps provide information about routes, vehicles, drivers, and accurate reports of the parcel delivery ETA. This keeps you updated and delivers the details in no time. 

courier handlingTop Features To Make Courier Delivery Apps Indispensable

The on-demand courier delivery app must include these basic features which would make it truly indispensable.

1. Customer Friendly UI/UX Design

A great looking app speaks volumes about your business. So, during courier delivery app development make sure to incorporate a stunning design that attracts customers. Your app should be easily navigable and appeal to your target audience. The loading speed of your website should be fast and without any glitches. 

2. 24X7 Tracking Services

A real-time tracking feature can make or break your app. You must incorporate this feature on every segment of the app without fail. The customers would receive 24X7 updates, notifications, and track their package at any time. Your app should also have a dedicated GPS Tracker that would help your customers locate the order delivery vehicles. 

3. Faster Delivery Option 

Adding this feature would make your app stand out from the crowd. You can offer premium delivery to customers who need fast service. Same day delivery can be included also in the list of features for these on-demand apps. You can also offer shipping discounts over a certain amount through this feature. 

faster delivery4. Offline Features During Poor Connectivity

This is an essential feature that you must incorporate in the driver’s segment. Internet connectivity can be a big issue while moving and they would stay updated. You can use the WiFi feature and stay connected during transportation. 

5. Flexible Payment Options

The payment gateways on your app should be flexible enough to make your customers pay through any channel. You should enable customers to receive a digital receipt that would contain information like time & date of delivery, product description, and charges.

6. Efficient Handling Of Large Fleets

Parceling is essentially logistics management services that involve handling large fleets. The on-demand courier delivery app should be able to handle these large fleet segments. Multiple tracking and superior algorithms will ensure that you stay connected 24X7. 

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7. Review and Help Section

The review section is essential to get positive feedback for your app. You can make changes according to the review received and pitch for greater customer satisfaction. Your customers should be able to connect to customer support with any issues. A chatbot feature can come in handy during these circumstances. 

8. Push Message Notifications 

Push messages are the most important feature for any courier delivery app development. It helps your customers to stay updated regarding booking status, parcel, and driver’s location among others. These notifications can also act as marketing emails and help to send promotional offers to customers.

Courier Delivery Apps Development Panels

Courier Delivery App development

Customer Panel, Driver Panel, and Admin Panel are the major components of the dashboard of a delivery app that have further technical divisions. 

1. Customer Panel

The customer panel is the user’s section, from which they can make all their courier delivery bookings at their own convenience. Here’s are some of the features that must be included in the customer panel:

  • Profile

The personal profile of courier delivery app development includes all the necessary details required to be filled during registration. It must have the name of the customers, order history, rating, pre-set options, and payment details. 

  • OTP based Flexible Sign-in Options

This option is essential to ensure smooth login for the customers into their profile. Some of the most commonly used sign-in options might include OTP based login with a valid phone number, Gmail signing, or social media platforms like Facebook. 

  • Pushed Notifications

The customer panel contains pushed notifications for providing regular updates. This is a powerful engagement tool for on-demand apps and entails a fantastic customer experience. 

  • Versatile Payment Portal

A payment gateway is the most important feature of any app. A hassle-free payment process satisfies every customer. Payment portal contains debit/card, online banking, and hardware integrated getaways. 

online payment

  • Ratings And Review Section

This section is meant for customer feedback, ratings, and reviews on the services received. It also helps you to make improvements and make the user experience more enjoyable. 

  • Chat Feature

Real-time chat options that are available 24X7 help customers to track orders and give them satisfaction. A chat-bot feature helps the customer to enquire about the delay in arrivals, generation of receipts, and various other information. 

  • Order-tracking feature

This is perhaps the most important section of any on-demand courier delivery app. A GPS tracking feature ensures that your customers get to track their packages in real-time using location-based services. 

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2. Driver Panel

parcel delivery

This panel is where the driver regulates the orders and maintains accordingly. Here’s are the features of the driver panel:

  • Accept/reject courier orders

This feature helps a driver to accept or reject courier orders depending on his availability or workload. It helps the managers to stay updated and handover the parcel to some other driver who is available at a short notice. 

  • Job-status

Through the parcel delivery service, drivers can send regular updates about their job status. This helps managers immensely as they can send notifications about delivery without overloading any single or particular driver. 

courier driver

  • Driver Trip History

Drivers get a complete history of their trips for the entire day. This helps them to calculate their payments and get complete feedback from the managers. 

  • Parcel Details

Drivers will get complete information about the type of parcel they would have to deliver. This feature also helps drivers to manage their trips according to the needs of the situation.

  • Digital Signature

The courier delivery app development is infused with the digital signing option. This involves less paperwork for the drivers as they can sign the purchases digitally and alert the trip manager after delivery. 

  • Track Earnings

The account earning a feature in the apps helps the driver to keep a complete estimate of their earnings for the day. 


  • History Of Delivery Men And Fleet

The driver panel of the app gives complete information about the total people working in a particular fleet or entire logistics. This helps the supervisors to keep track of the manpower available in the logistics department.

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3. Admin Panel

In the admin panel section, the app owner manages all the necessary pre-requisites of the app. Here are few must-include features of the admin panel:

  • Secured login For Manager

The admin panel consists of a secured login for the manager. He should be able to view the entire app and make changes accordingly. 

fleet manager

  • Fleet Management

The admin manager can easily view the entire fleet and manage it accordingly. A dedicated courier account helps managers to track the entire fleet and get real-time updates about the entire delivery process and associated persons. 

  • GPS tracker 

GPS tracker with location-based map services helps the manager to get information about a particular fleet. It also helps to identify defunct vehicles and call the driver for repair. 

  • Customer Portal Management

A dedicated customer portal management helps admins to track customer profiles in real-time. Most courier delivery app development focuses on building an in-app messaging service. It helps managers to contact customers and discuss important delivery details. 

  • Dashboard

The dashboard is the landing page of the admin panel. It contains a summary of all information. Managers can analyze any situation and take prompt decisions in reference to the reports available on the dashboard.

  • Store records

Complete order history can be accessed from the Admin Panel. You can access receipts, warehouse records, and all the necessary details. This helps the management to oversee the entire parcel delivery service. 

courier delivery app development

After-Launch Strategies For Your Courier Delivery App 

You must keep the following strategies in mind during your courier delivery app development process. This would help you to generate better reviews and bring in profits. 

1. Marketing Campaigns

It is not sufficient to just launch your on-demand courier delivery app. You would also need to promote your app on social media platforms and other digital channels. Market the app through aggressive promotional campaigns like marketing emails, social media campaigns, and target your demographics in advance. 

2. Attracting Customers

Use brand promotion, advertising campaigns, and an attractive logo to attract more users. Your app should have the potential to draw customers and retain them. You should aim to build your audience base before launching your app in the market. You must do so to assure your earning potential before launching the app.

3. Provide Offers to Users

This is also a part of the promotional campaign after launching your app. You can give discounts for sending or receiving parcels and in general for using the app.

parcels4. Updating Performance

It is very important to update your apps regularly to make sure you match the trend and attract users. Your customers should get the latest features and improved performance. This ensures a loyal customer base who stays dedicated to your app and uses it regularly to send parcels. 

5. Integrate Unique Features

Integrate features that are unique to keep you at the top of the competition. Although most courier delivery app development focuses on some basic features, yet using customized messages that connect instantly to offers can be a great USP. 

Expenses to Be Covered for Courier Delivery App Development

Every courier delivery app development entails a few expenses and it’s better to map them out beforehand.

1. Backend Developers

You would need the service of a good backend developer to ensure that the coding is done right. So it is mandatory to hire some experienced professionals to develop a robust on-demand courier delivery app. 

developer2. UI/UX Designers

An attractive UX design compels your target audience to go through your app. A smart looking interface coupled with a beautiful graphic design retains the attention of visitors. So, you should invest generously in building a strong UI/UX design for earning revenues. 

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3. Development Team

Hire the right development team to plug-in the loopholes during courier delivery app development. It would of course cost you a hefty paycheck but the results will be extremely rewarding. 

4. Registration Charges

There are charges involved for maintaining the copyright and other features confidential. They are copyright charges that you must pay to keep contents safe.  Keeping abreast of these changes would help to manage the costs. 

parcel office5. Google Play Store & iOS Charges

Marketplaces for Google Android and iOS charge some fees for uploading your app and maintaining it. So, set aside the amount before launching your app.

6. Type of App Development

The costing factor varies according to the type of app you are planning to build. It depends on whether you are building an MVP (minimum viable product) or a complete app. 

Technologies Used In Courier Delivery App Development

technologiesYou should also consider the technologies for building your app. The below-mentioned technical and security features must be included in your app.

1. The Platform For App Development

A single operational platform like Android or iOS can deprive your prospective customers and can play havoc with reviews. Most app developers now use cross-platform where they can use it for both Android and iOS play stores. This would be a great benefit for courier delivery app development. 

2. Protection Against Potential Hacking

Use the best anti-virus protection that would help your app to run smoothly. This would also protect the payment gateways and ensure safety for your customers. 

3. Interface and Designing 

The interface design of your app should be clear and simple. It should be easily understandable and give a detailed insight into the features and functionalities of the app to the customers. 

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4. Testing the App Before Launch

Launching a trial version of your parcel delivery service is a smart move. This would help you gather feedback and reviews from customers. The development team can also work on the shortcomings and ensure a full-proof version before the final launch. 

courier pp developersGet Set To Provide Seamless Courier Delivery Service To Your Users

This guide must have enlightened the key aspects which you need to know to develop your own Courier Delivery App. But this is an idea that is not enough to brace the competition. You will also need constant improvisations to stay on the hunt in today’s fast-paced digital age.

The courier delivery app development will significantly reduce workloads, minimize human intervention, and reduce conflict in logistics. Most of the logistics businesses are investing their energies in building customized delivery apps for their customers. Embrace this digital innovation and build a superlative app that will be loved by consumers. Already have a courier delivery business? Then automate it with our amazing courier delivery solutions. Let our delivery experts help you out. 

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