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How To Create Alcohol Delivery App Like Uber?

The on-demand alcohol delivery brands are playing a major role in the global market. Gone are those days when customers used to stand in a queue to wait for their turn. Shoppers can now choose their favorite drinks from the nearest liquor shops within a minute. The market of Uber-like alcohol delivery app development is rising steadily much like it’s cab booking sister app. This is a unique business strategy that helps consumers to get their favorite drinks online. Let’s talk about how to create an alcohol delivery app like uber.

alcohol delivery

Well, making a successful booze delivery app is a challenging task where a business has to provide the best services to the store owners as well as consumers.   

Alcohol delivery apps like UberEats and Drizly connect both liquor store owners and customers in one platform. In the entire procedure, the booze order is not limited to one brand. The shoppers can explore numerous shops, brands and a variety of options at the comfort of their home.   

So, how to create an alcohol delivery app like Uber? That I will be discussing in this article. But before delving into the point, let’s first know the reason behind the huge demand of online liquor stores.

alcohol appThe Reason Behind The Demand For Liquor Delivery App   

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene. From working from home, education in online apps to restriction in purchasing groceries and other items from shops, it has made our lifestyle completely different. Let us accept the fact that the Millenials today rely only on the on-demand delivery services for fulfilling their basic needs and that is a reason why there is a huge demand for such apps. This has also made the existence of on-demand alcohol delivery apps in vogue. 

Needless to say that our weekend seems incomplete without a bottle of beer or whisky. But during this COVID-19 outbreak, it seems an intimidating activity to get a liquor bottle from a store. This is where the uber alcohol delivery apps come to rescue.   

The demand for online liquor stores has surged immensely for a few months as they meet the demand of the people instantly and deliver at the doorsteps. Enjoying virtual zoom parties on the weekend with booze relieves us from the daily work stress.

alcohol delivery

As per the research done by Nielsen, the online sales of liquor has surged by 243% in early 2020 in the United States due to the global lockdown. Drizly stated that they have received 27% orders from the new customers.   

By seeing the rise in the sale of uber alcohol delivery, many companies have decided to go for the on-demand alcohol delivery app to attract new customers.   

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Benefits Of Alcohol Delivery Apps To Its Users

booze app

With technological advancement, human life has become so convenient that ordering groceries, food to purchase medicines, everything is served at one click. And getting your favorite drink delivered is also not a big deal now. Let’s take a look at the key benefits of alcohol delivery apps:   

  1. People can buy their drinks through this app in no time.   
  2. You can browse through a variety of brand options before placing the order.   
  3. When in a hurry, the customers can choose the nearby store to order the drink. It reduces the effort of stepping outside of your home.   
  4. It provides attractive deals that can save you money.   
  5. You can place the order of your favorite drink anytime which isn’t viable in offline mode.   
  6. You don’t have to stand in a queue to get your drink that saves your precious time   
  7. The app contains certain features like order placement, online payment gateway, order tracking, etc.   

How Do Alcohol Delivery Apps Work?  

working of alcohol app

The emerging concept of alcohol delivery app is getting huge demand with every passing day globally. These apps use advanced technology that helps the local store owners in providing the online delivery service. The reputed alcohol delivery applications like Uber partner with the local alcohol retailers for listing their products available for their customers on the app.   

As these apps contain a variety of booze collections that include wine, beer, whisky, gin, scotch, and various other types of drinks, the users can buy their favorite drink right from the mobile app. It also has a feature through which the buyers can schedule their order delivery time.   

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How To Create An Alcohol Delivery App Like Uber?   

app developmentThe global lockdown has resulted in a sudden rise in online liquor sales. Thus it is the right time to get started with your new online liquor delivery venture by infusing the latest technology. The app will enable the customer to place the order, pay online and finally get their drink delivered hassle-free.   

Not only they can track the real-time location of their product but they can also get it right at their doorstep. Such limitless scope has attracted lots of alcohol retailers to start their own on-demand alcohol delivery app amidst the pandemic.   

If you are facing huge losses in your alcohol business due to the lockdown, going for the on-demand alcohol delivery app development will immensely help you increase the sales. Additionally, it will help to maximize the overall profits with a larger customer base.   

So, how to create an alcohol delivery app like Uber? Firstly you have to hire an experienced team of developers who are proficient in programming language and can handle the entire development process of an on-demand delivery app.   

How To Get Started?   

alcohol app

Before starting any development project, proper planning is a must. There are various factors that you need to consider such as user-friendly interface, navigation, business scalability, analytics panel, and an advanced dashboard for the admin.   

If you are planning for a long term goal, and willing to go for a custom alcohol delivery app development plan, then it will take almost a year to make such a well-featured app. But if you want to make earnings within a short period of time, then going for the clone solution based alcohol delivery app is the right option.   

Having said that, let’s go through the features of an on-demand alcohol delivery app.   

Features Of An On Alcohol Delivery App   

The Alcohol delivery app consists of four different panels and they are Customer App, Store App, Admin App and Delivery Executive. 

Customer App   

alcohol app

This application is used by the customers who have downloaded from play store to place the order online. Following are the key features of this app:   

Login Interface: Instant login or registration interface helps the consumer to login via different registration options like Google and Facebook.   

Catalog: After successfully logging in, the customer can access nearby stores and their listed drinks with the details and the price.   

Filters: Filters enable the customers to search for the drinks even more easily. They can set the required filters, remove the unnecessary listings and get their favorite drink effortlessly.   

Placing Orders: After choosing your favorite drink, you can add it to the cart. The app must need to have safe checkout options for its users.   

Payment Gateways: It is the paramount feature of any delivery app. The users can make their online payment safely through this feature. There should be various online payment options such as UPI, net banking, credit cards or debit cards.   

online paymentOrder History: The customers can now browse their previous orders and can reorder them in the future.   

Tracking Orders: Features like real-time tracking of the order should be present in the app so that the users can know how much time it will take to reach their doorstep.   

Ratings and Feedback: Finally, the rating and review section will enable the users to share their honest feedback after receiving the delivery. This feature will also help both the store and the delivery executive to know about their services.   

alcohol bottles

Store App

This panel is used by the store owner and here are its key functions:   

Login: This feature is quite similar to the customer app. The liquor store owner has to register by following all the verification processes.   

Manage Liquor Types: The option enables the alcohol shop owner to list a wide range of drinks based on categories like beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, etc.   

Manage Complimentary Items: Some liquor stores also provide complimentary items such as snacks and soft drinks. This feature will help the owners to list all these items as add on options.   

Price Details: Through this feature, the wine shop owners can manage the prices of the drinks in their shop’s profile.   

View Reviews and Ratings: The shop owner will be able to view the ratings and reviews of their products and services and improve their services as per the honest feedback.   

Check Earnings: This feature will help the liquor shop owners to keep a check on their weekly or monthly earnings. They can also manage the price and profit percentage in the app.   

on-demand alcohol delivery

Admin App   

This app is managed by the admin and the following are its features:    

Login: The admin staff and the owner of the app will log in to the admin app. The dashboard will display the entire activities of the business in a click.   

Payment Management: The admin can effectively manage and monitor the transactions that are done by the customers.   

Marketing Management: This feature enables the admin to manage all the marketing activities such as lead generation, conversion, advertisements, online campaigns and brochures.   

Real-time tracking: The admin can view the updated information of recent orders, delivery timing and revenue details.   

Delivery Executive App   

alcohol delivery boy

To successfully deliver the drinks to the customer’s location, a delivery boy should have an app. Take a look at its functions:    

Delivery Executive Login: The login credentials will be provided by the admin where the delivery boy will use his email id or phone number and password to logging in.    

Order Request: The order request feature will auto-assign the order to the delivery boy where he can accept or reject the order according to his availability. If the order is accepted by the delivery boy then his profile information will be displayed to the customer.    

Order Delivery: After the delivery executive accepts the order, he or she can deliver it to the customer’s address. This app will further update the order status from the order placed, accepted by the seller, packed, on the way to the product delivered.   


Chat/Call: When the order is accepted by the delivery executive, he can easily communicate with the customer and vice versa and clear route confusion. They can contact each other either by calling or through chat.     

GPS Tracking: GPS tracking feature will allow the delivery boy to track the location of the customer.   

Earnings: This feature allows the delivery to receive the payment. The payment is done on a weekly or monthly basis as per the number of deliveries.   

Ratings and Reviews: The delivery executive can view the customer feedback through this feature like the admin app.      

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Advanced Features Of Uber-Like Alcohol Delivery App   

how to create on-demand alcohol delivery app

Implementing an On-time delivery strategy will create a significant impact on the future growth of your business. To make your alcohol delivery app look sophisticated you can add some advanced features. Following some of the additional features of one demand alcohol delivery app development:   

Rewards and Promo Codes: Adding this feature in your alcohol delivery app will instantly attract users to make new purchases. They can use reward points to order their favorite drinks at an affordable price.   

Push Notifications: This is one of the most significant features of any delivery app. It provides the latest updates, alerts or reminders of the customer orders in the form of pop up notifications.   

In-app Calls and Messages: This feature enables the delivery executive and customer to contact each other. The customer can either message or call to know the status of the order. Whereas if the delivery boy is unable to find the location then he can contact the customer through this feature.   

CMS Integration: CMS Integration will allow the admin to manage the digital contents such as news and articles.   

These features will not only help you to stay ahead in the race but they can immensely increase the profits and earnings. However, to go for the on-demand alcohol delivery app development for your online liquor store, it needs time and money. So, let’s take a look at it.   

What Is The Estimated Cost To Make A Liquor Delivery App?   

alcohol app cost estimation

The cost to develop an on-demand alcohol delivery app depends on various factors. Cost estimation of an alcohol delivery app depends on the following factors:

App development team: You have to make the investment to hire a professional app development team. Here I would suggest you go for the experienced developers. The fees to develop an application varies according to its features and complexities.   

UI/UX Design: To make your alcohol delivery app look attractive, you have to pay for the UI/UX design.   

Platform selection: While selecting the platform you have to make a wise decision. To get your app listed on a single platform will be the cost-saving option.   

Backend Support: You also have to hire a skilled backend developer for your app who has a knowledge of coding.   

Technical Documentation: You have to deposit a specific amount to keep the data of your business safe on the app.   

Timely updating: To keep your app function smoothly, you have to update it from time to time.   

App Store Charges: Both Google Play and Apple Store ask for a specific charge when it comes to app submission.   

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What Are The Revenue Models Of An Alcohol Delivery App?

beer glasses

There are various revenue models that help your online liquor business to earn money. Following are some of the well-known revenue models:   

Featured Listing: There are many retailers, vendors, and shop owners who have listed their services in the app. So, it becomes difficult for the sellers to win the race. This is where paid featured listings help to make maximum sales.   

Commission: It is a successful revenue model that you can go for. You can deduct a specific amount in the form of a commission on a single order. This way you can make extra earnings.   

In-App Ads: You can allow third-party companies to display pop-up ads and banners. This can act as a great revenue model for your alcohol delivery app.   

Ready To Boost Sales With Your On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App?   

The demand of the customers is increasing after every passing day, thanks to the advanced technology and the internet. All the major alcohol delivery giants are giving their best to increase their sales. Do you want to ride in the wave of this ever-growing business trend with a liquor delivery app as well? If yes, then this is the best time to start your journey into the alcohol delivery service.   

Unlike other on-demand delivery solutions, the competition of liquor delivery services is a bit easy. However, it does not mean that it is easy to make fast earnings in this field. You need to implement all the above-mentioned strategies to develop your dream business application. The demand for alcohol delivery is at its peak and it is going to increase even more in the coming years. 

Already have an existing on-demand alcohol delivery business? Want to take it to new heights? Allride Alcohol Delivery is there for your help. Connect with our experts today. 

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