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What is Fleet Management?

Fleet management encompasses keeping track of a lot of moving parts, irrespective of the type and size.

AllRide Apps brings a comprehensive fleet management solution that provides you with real-time insights into fleet productivity. With our solutions, you can

  • Manage fleet in real-time
  • Optimize operational planning
  • Track and manage equipment
  • Simplify regulatory compliance

Who will benefit from our fleet management solutions

Whether you are managing a fast-moving fleet or making long hauls across the country, our solutions help you simplify operations and make smarter business decisions.

What AllRide’s fleet management solution helps you with

As the solution provider, AllRide surveys multiple fleet business owners to identify these industries' most common challenges.

  • High operational & maintenance costs
  • Fleet under-utilization
  • Unsatisfactory customer service
  • Hampered profit due to no exposure to market trends
  • Difficult to manage and report high volumes of fleet data

Why Fleet Management Is The Change You Need
For Your Business

AllRide Apps provides a comprehensive software suite that fulfills your current business needs and grows with your company as you upscale in the future. Our AI-powered solutions analyze data from multiple touchpoints and present them on an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Operational efficiency

Helping corporations make smarter business decisions

AllRide's best-in-class technology studies internal factors like empirical data and real-life constraints like seasonality, weather, etc., to provide actionable insights in a digestible manner.

  • We can see a 40% reduction in operational Costs.
Automated route planning

Best-in-class dynamic route planning

AllRide’s fleet management solution streamlines tasks by order type, preference, priority, business requirements, etc. to help your fleet achieve more in less time.

  • We are saving 120 hours of admin workload per month
Maintenance costs

Comprehensive maintenance insights to reduce operational costs

Maximize fleet uptime and minimize maintenance costs by leveraging predictive maintenance that proactively spots vehicle issues and sends alerts instantly.

  • Vehicle maintenance cost got reduced by 40%
Support costs

Enjoy significant savings on customer support costs

AllRide helps you simplify compliance and enhance customer support by automating inquiries using Conversational AI and saving up to 30% on customer support expenses.

  • 40% reduction in our day-to-day customer support cost
Transparency in fleet engagement

Superior location tracking with instantaneous live alerts

AllRide lets you track your fleet in real-time and provides powerful insights, thereby increasing operational transparency on an organizational level.

  • We are saving $25,000 in operational costs every month

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