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What is Video Based Safety?

Fleet safety is of utmost importance for businesses operating vehicles on the road. A safer fleet has lower operational expenses and is protected against false fleet claims and litigations. Video-based safety introduces context, flexibility, and insights that facilitate the safety of drivers and the general public. It brings several immediate benefits and continuously positively impacts the bottom line.

  • Improves fleet performance
  • Encourages safe driving
  • Reduces operational expenses
  • Facilitates compliance with standard operating procedures.
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Who Will Benefit From Our Video-Based Safety Solutions

AllRide’s video-based safety solutions is the new safety norm for commercial fleets, helping you prevent, protect, and exonerate your fleet drivers everywhere.

What Allride’s Video-Based Safety Helps You With

Running a fleet, irrespective of the industry, is difficult and requires actively investing time and money. AllRide regularly speaks to the industry leaders to identify some of the most important challenges they face, solving which will make the fleet efficient and profitable.

  • Driver fatigue and turnover
  • On-road distractions
  • Accidents and other delays
  • No evidence during insurance claims
  • Unchecked vehicle maintenance cost
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Video-Based Safety Helps You Improve Your
Fleet And Delivery Business

When applied correctly, video-based safety significantly improves driver and passenger safety on the road by ensuring that there are appropriate ways to track behaviors across multiple channels. Here’s how video-based safety can be
game-changing for your fleet business.

Driver accountability

Evidence-based driver scoring to improve accountability

AI algorithms will closely monitor driver behavior and riding conditions and recognize inappropriate driving mistakes and hazards and process them to assign driver scores, thereby increasing driver accountability.

  • 80% reduction in at-fault incidents
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Business efficiency

Enhance operational efficiency to improve profitability

Video evidence can be used to reduce fleet maintenance expenses by training drivers on avoiding potentially dangerous situations on the road and how to react if such incidences occur.

  • 10% reduction in driver turnover using safety scores and incentive programs
Safety compliance

Better compliance with industry safety standards

Video telematics helps businesses secure lower insurance premiums and reduces the rate of collisions and promotes less aggressive driving behavior.

  • 90% reduction in false insurance claims by reviewing video footage
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Safety compliance

Better compliance with industry safety standards

Your business can attract new customers by complying with industry safety standards and ensure that the vehicles use authorized delivery routes and transparently track collision rates to showcase cargo integrity.

  • 15% reduction in vehicle penalties for breaking traffic protocols

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