Route Optimization

Let AllRide’s AI-based solutions find the shortest and fastest routes and increase fleet efficiency and transparency.

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What is Route Optimization?

Route optimization refers to the process of finding the most cost-efficient route that considers all relevant real-life factors. AllRide’s solution goes beyond simply calculating the shortest routes between touchpoints; we help you find the best multi-stop delivery routes and optimize fuel costs. AllRide’s route optimization solution solves some of the most common industry challenges, which include -

  • Manual scheduling and planning are time-consuming and unreliable
  • Route efficiency in the existing fleet is low
  • Re-adjusting routes due to obstacles like cancellations or roadblocks is difficult.
  • Unhappy consumers due to delayed or missed deliveries.
  • Difficulty in determining the best route when stops have to be included in it.
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Who will benefit from route optimization solutions

AllRide’s highly configurable route optimization solution benefits businesses that want the most efficient allocation and routing strategy. Applicable across all kinds of optimization problems and use cases.

Why do you need Route Optimization

As the solution provider, AllRide surveys multiple fleet business owners to identify the most common challenges these industries face and provides premier solutions. Some of them include:

  • Improve customer experience with a reliable ETA
  • Determine the best route for a trip
  • Get a prediction of traffic and road conditions beforehand
  • Auto-adjust and plan multi-stop routes
  • Maximize ROI per driver
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Route optimization can improve
fleet and delivery businesses

Advanced vehicle telematics can solve a number of industry challenges by collecting and processing information automatically that would otherwise take an era to solve. allRide provides a comprehensive fleet management solution with advanced vehicle telematics to multiple small, mid-size, and enterprise-level Fleet Businesses.

Automated route planning

Best-in-class dynamic route planning

AI-backed route planning and optimization significantly streamlines operations. AllRide’s solution plans dynamic routes considering real-life constraints, like order type, preference, priority, business requirements, and so on.

  • 120 hours saving of admin workload per month
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Increased customer satisfaction

Optimized dispatch with enhanced communication between touchpoints

Optimizing deliveries enhance the first attempt delivery rate (FADR) by optimizing dispatch and delivery routes and improving communication between the customer and the delivery agents. You can also offer your customers preferred delivery slots.

  • Reduced our customer support cost by 50%
Transparency in operations

Superior location tracking with instantaneous live alerts

AllRide lets you track your fleet in real-time and view the expected vs. planned routes. Drivers and fleet operators get live alerts about unexpected halts, potential deviation from the plans, exceeding break times, etc. to increase operational transparency.

  • Saving $25,000 of operational cost every month
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Fleet repositioning

Efficient on-demand delivery optimization streamlines operations

Route optimization enables businesses to handle on-demand orders better by clubbing orders together. Multiple deliveries along the same route or in the same neighborhood can be clubbed under one order, to handle high order volumes efficiently.

  • On-time delivery rate has increased up to 80%

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