Predictive Maintenance

AI-powered predictive analytics and recommendations for maintenance, planning, and purchase.

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What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive, or condition-based maintenance, refers to the process of monitoring fleet condition and operations regularly to reduce the chances of a breakdown. Compared to reactive maintenance, this approach offers significant cost-savings as maintenance tasks are conducted only when required.

  • Increase driver and customer safety on the road
  • Prevent downtime by reallocating the rest of the fleets
  • Reduce operational expenditure
  • Contribute to a cleaner environment
  • Pre-plan vehicle maintenance
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Who will benefit from our predictive maintenance solutions

Any fleet manager and maintenance team can use AllRide’s predictive maintenance tools to monitor impending maintenance tasks and vehicle failures.

What AllRide’s Predictive Maintenance Helps You With

As the solution provider, AllRide surveys multiple fleet business owners to identify the most common challenges these industries face.

  • High maintenance costs
  • Fleet under-utilization
  • Inability to plan vehicle downtimes
  • Reduced vehicle lifespans
  • Unsatisfactory customer service
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Why You Need Predictive Maintenance for Your
Fleet and Delivery Business

Predictive maintenance uses empirical and real-time data from multiple touchpoints within your business operations to predict problems before they occur. Multiple embedded or third-party tools collect data and process them to provide actionable insights on areas that require attention.

Fleet uptime

Prevent unexpected vehicle breakdowns

Breakdowns occur due to malfunctioning components that remain undetected during fixed maintenance points. AllRide can help you retrieve vehicles before a mishap, preventing unexpected vehicle breakdowns.

  • 90% reduction of unscheduled vehicle downtime caused due to equipment failure
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Fleet upkeep

Enjoy substantial growth in vehicle lifespan

Removing vehicles permanently from the fleet due to repeated breakdowns increases turnover costs, affecting the bottom line. Predictive maintenance can help in fleet upkeep, increasing the vehicle lifespan and reducing operational downtime.

  • The average vehicle lifespan increased by 25%
Combat fleet shortage

Create flexible maintenance routines

Rigid vehicle maintenance routines can also result in unnecessary maintenance schedules creating a self-induced fleet shortage. AllRide can help you combat delayed deliveries and poor customer serviceability by creating flexible maintenance routines.

  • With more vehicles in good condition, vehicle planning and positioning got 10 times easier
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Maintenance costs

Best in class maintenance insights to reduce operational costs

A direct result of static maintenance scheduling is higher operational costs, as your fleet operator has to adjust to unnecessary shortages. Predictive maintenance can improve financial performance and competitive advantage.

  • Vehicle maintenance cost got reduced by 40%
Customer service

Future-ready with connected insights from multiple touchpoints

Delayed deliveries, unscheduled breakdowns, poorly planned maintenance routines, and lack of connectivity and communication hampers customer experience. AllRide provides connected insights that can be used to improve daily operations.

  • Customer complaints about unexpected vehicle breakdown has got reduced to almost nil
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