Delivery Management

Plan, manage, and execute logistics deliveries optimally with delivery management software suite.

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What is Delivery Management?

Equip your business with the right tools for maximizing efficiency and boosting customer experience. With our solutions, you can AllRide Apps brings a powerful order-to-delivery dispatch and delivery management platform that helps businesses transform their business operations using advanced automation and optimization.

  • Manage all deliveries in one place
  • Automate pickup and delivery dispatch
  • Track delivery agents in real-time
  • Get intuitive performance analytics
  • Receive and act on customer feedback

Who will benefit from our delivery management solutions

AllRide provides a complete product suite to manage all delivery operations from a single platform. We offer tailor-made solutions for every business, which include:

What AllRide’s Delivery Management solution helps you with

Industry experts at AllRide regularly study market requirements to identify various roadblocks in completing on-time delivery. Some of these include -

  • Misplaced or mishandled orders
  • Inaccurate decision-making
  • Lack of real-time visibility on delivery status
  • Customer notifications not delivered on time
  • Improper communication between multiple touchpoints

Build a lasting customer experience with
AllRide’s Delivery Management solution

With AllRide’s delivery management platform, you can ensure on-time deliveries with real-time route optimization and tracking, irrespective of the industry. We build customizable delivery agent and customer apps along with a dispatch dashboard for companies of all sizes.

Intelligent order clubbing

Efficient on-demand delivery optimization to handle high order volumes

AllRide's smart order management automates multi-channel fulfillment cycles by clubbing deliveries along the same route or in the same neighborhood, allowing you to handle high order volumes efficiently.

  • Our on-time delivery rate has increased up to 80%
Slot management

Optimized dispatch with enhanced communication between touchpoints

Optimizing dispatch and delivery routes enhance the first-attempt delivery rates (FADR). Offer more control to your customers by allowing preferred delivery slots when placing orders.

  • We have reduced our customer support cost by 50%
Automated route planning

Best-in-class dynamic route planning

Leverage powerful algorithms to avoid misrouting and delivery errors that factor in real-world constraints like order type, preference, priority, business requirements, etc.

  • We are saving 120 hours of admin workload per month
Control tower

Automated workflows to boost delivery efficiency

Maintain active control over delivery agent productivity by automating workflows across multiple fulfillment channels using the admin panel in AllRide's delivery tracking solutions.

  • We are saving $50,000 in admin workload
Customer engagement

Be there when your customers need you to be!

Allow customers to rate their delivery experience using the customer app and offer instant resolutions to boost customer engagement and overall satisfaction.

  • Average rating from customers have gone up from 3.5 to 4.8 in a quarter

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