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Create personalized experiences and automate query resolutions with conversations that build trust.

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What is CX Automation?

Everything starts with a conversation. Conversational AI is an innovative implementation of artificial intelligence that allows businesses to create customer experiences similar to the way they interact with humans.

Answer frequently asked questions, troubleshoot issues, and even engage in small talk, the possibilities are endless.

AllRide’s conversational AI solutions helps your business offer a more personalized experience to the customers through smarter conversations that build trust and authority. With our solutions, you can reduce the burden on your team and delight your customers. Let’s talk!

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Who will benefit from our CX Automation solutions

AllRide’s conversational AI solutions can help business owners offer a warm, personalized feeling to their customers with every conversation, day or night.

What AllRide’s Conversational AI Helps You With

Conversational AI is a revolution in the automotive sector and enormously changes how companies handle query ticket resolution. Smarter replies in digital assistants improve customer service and reduce customer support costs by up to 30%.

Here are some ways our customers have implemented conversational AI to improve their operations.

  • Assist customers with queries
  • Handle scheduled booking
  • Provide on-road assistance
  • Purchase assistance
  • Eligibility and quick loan calculation
  • Send reminders
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Why Conversational AI is the change you need for Your
Fleet and Delivery Business

Smarter chatbots and virtual agents allow you to open a personalized conversation channel between your business and your customers. Resolve customer issues effortlessly across every channel, provide on-road assistance, and seamlessly manage and resolve unlimited tickets simultaneously.

Customer engagement

Be there when your customers need you

Conversational AI can help businesses deliver fast, accurate, and cost-effective customer service at scale. Customers can seamlessly track shipments and get delivery notifications all from a single console.

  • Average rating from customers have gone up from 3.5 to 4.8 in a quarter
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Fleet upkeep

Advanced query resolutions with situation based answers

Unlike traditional chatbots with limited functionality, conversational AI implements machine learning to resolve queries and provide accurate solutions with a lesser turnaround time.

  • 80 hours of finding solutions and repeating answers are being saved every month
Support costs

Significant savings on customer support costs

By automating repetitive tasks, smart digital assistants like AI chatbots and virtual agents can help businesses save up to 30% on customer support expenses.

  • 40% reduction in our day-to-day customer support cost
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Query resolution

Best in class query resolution with natural conversations

Logistics chatbots powered by AI can contribute significantly to a seamless flow of information from businesses to customers.

  • Average query resolution time has reduced by 30%
Streamlined documentation

Track important data to reduce turnaround time

Automotive chatbots can also help in the onboarding process by assisting customers in preparing and submitting all the necessary documents in just a few clicks.

  • We are saving 500 hours per day with predictive vehicle allocation.
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