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Automate Your Operations With AI-Powered Shuttle Software

Commuters are increasingly looking for travel alternatives that are faster, easier, safer, and more reliable. Shuttle booking businesses needing an online platform often must catch up when catering to the convenience users expect.

AllRide Airport shuttle dispatch software uses innovative technology to bridge this gap by leveraging mobile convenience. While developing our transport booking software, we deploy technologies like AI-driven advanced fleet management and UX strategy with interaction principles that have worked for more than 70 transport businesses.


A Complete Shuttle Management Software Suite of Hand-Picked Features

Embracing digitization for sustainable growth became easier for your business with AllRide Shuttle Management Software. Building a dynamic network system that seamlessly connects millions of users to hundreds of drivers and vehicles can streamline your Shuttle booking services, no matter the size of your fleet and current business model. We expedite fast growth by deploying innovative transport booking software while preserving the value of your existing investments.

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White Label Cab Apps Development USA

AllRide's speed, quality, and ability to stick to cost estimates were very impressive. They were supportive throughout the engagement and are the first dev team that has truly been invested in the success of the client's product. We needed to improve the reservation experience for our clients and came up with the app's design. AllRide directed the tech side completely, coming up with ideas to improve the whole project.

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Pedro Laplaza, VP of Design, Viapool, Argentina

Shuttle software

User App

Our shuttle dispatch software user module is designed to give your users the flexibility of booking Shuttle services in just a few seconds. We have tested it thoroughly to ensure zero compromises on stability and overall quality post-launch.

  • Instant booking
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Choose pickup and drop off location.
  • And many more...
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Transport booking software

Driver App

Let your drivers view and reach the commuter’s location on time and drop off at the destination safely and fast. Choose from a number of features to best suit your business.

  • View pickup and drop locations
  • GPS navigation integration
  • Reject or accept booking request
  • And many more…
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shuttle reservation software

Dispatch System

Get full control of your business from our powerful admin dashboard. Request a demo and see how automation can help your shuttle business.

  • Customer management
  • Fleet and driver management
  • Revenue management
  • And many more…
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This Argentinian bus pool app allows customers to pick their mode of transport - bus, taxi or black car. Over 150,000 rides are booked via the app every day.

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Why Choose AllRide Bus?

Launch Your Branded Bus Booking Solution

Check out our guide to explore features that will add value to your business, improve bus ticket booking app development, the advanced technology stack we use, and everything you need to know to launch your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is shuttle booking software?
Shuttle dispatch software is a type of software that automates scheduling and dispatching shuttle services. It helps shuttle operators manage their fleets, assign rides to drivers, track vehicle locations, and optimize routes, among other functions.
What are the benefits of using shuttle booking software?
Shuttle reservation software offers several benefits, including improved efficiency in scheduling and dispatching, reduced manual errors, real-time tracking of vehicles, better customer service through timely and accurate pickups and drop-offs, and data-driven insights for fleet management and optimization.
How does shuttle dispatch software work?
Shuttle dispatch software typically operates through a web-based or mobile application. It allows shuttle operators to create and manage schedules, assign rides to drivers, track vehicle locations, communicate with drivers and passengers, and generate reports for analysis and decision-making.
How can shuttle software help improve riders' experience?
Shuttle software can enhance the riders' experience by providing accurate and timely information about ride status, estimated arrival times, and any changes or delays. It can also enable easy booking and payment options. Moreover, it allows riders to track their shuttle in real-time and provide notifications about vehicle arrivals and departures.
I run a small business. Will AllRide Shuttle suit me?
Yes. Our ready to go Uber-like solution is scalable to suit all kinds of companies, and you can choose as many or as few features to suit your business.
How long does it take to get my Shuttle booking software up and running?
Our ready-made Shuttle app solutions can be delivered in 7 days, but the precise time depends on the size of your business, as we'll need to set-up the software as per the customizations you choose. It will be quicker to use AllRide Shuttle than to build your solution from scratch.
What can I expect when working with AllRide Shuttle?
Our team follows a well-established project management system proven to benefit our clients and ensure the timely delivery of your ideal online booking system for shuttle buses. You can find out more about our project management system here.
So I can customize your shuttle reservation software, right?
That's right. Our off-the-shelf solution can be branded for your business, and you can add and remove features as you wish.
Can you help us launch our mobile Shuttle application too?
Absolutely. On completion, we'll make your app available for download on Google Play and iTunes. As regards your admin panel and backend set-up, we'll deploy it in your preferred server, although we always recommend AWS as it's the most reliable.

A Trusted Shuttle Booking Software For You

We have a ready-to-launch shuttle booking software solution to give your business its full potential. And to guarantee full transparency, we let you try our solutions so you know we exactly mean what you say - nothing more, nothing less.

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