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vision for the Philippines

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Digital technologies are driving transformative change and enabling growth around the globe. It’s all possible thanks to the efforts of FinTech organizations such as Australia’s Panta Group, which is committed to altering the ways nations work and live. Panta strives to provide governments and industries with the digital tools they need to succeed and equip consumers with the opportunity to engage digitally.

When Panta Group CEO, David Kahale, began looking at the digital marketplace in the Philippines, he identified an opportunity to establish a much bigger digital system there. In the island nation’s developing economy, cash is ‘king.’ Nearly 80% of its population is dependent on cash.


Developing an inspiring vision

The CEO recognized the value of building and bringing together transportation, eCommerce and easy financing options to enable the bigger digital system to grow.

His vision? Panta Pay is a flawless, multi-store eCommerce and delivery system to enable the client to provide a seamless experience for businesses and consumers in the Philippines. David’s intention was about more than connecting customers with multiple local stores within their area: he wanted to create opportunities for business partners to develop their businesses.

While consumers and businesses alike need a polished, user-friendly interface, Panta needed a range of capabilities, including prompting Panta Pay as the primary payment option, multi-store eCommerce, and a delivery system to support guaranteed doorstep delivery within just 90 minutes of an order being placed.

Right Partner

Finding a proven partner

Initially, David sought a technology services provider as his partner for the project. AllRide Apps’ expertise in eCommerce delivery and transportation, however, inspired his confidence in the team’s ability to deliver.

With more than eight years of industry experience - gained in markets across the globe - AllRide’s team is familiar with the challenges facing key stakeholders, including Panta Group, its partners, and end users.

This in-depth understanding is backed by AllRide’s proven development process for projects which meet everyone’s goals - starting with an app map and user flow diagram. This helps AllRide, David, and his team, understand how users experience the solution - including a complete workflow of the feature.

  • Once approved, Panta Pay’s design progressed to a low-fidelity prototype featuring icons, navigation, and detailed touchpoints.
  • In the final phase, AllRide created high-fidelity designs and prototypes featuring engaging colors, fonts, UI elements, and more.
  • Developing incrementally in this way ensures the best results are achieved for all involved.

Tailoring a proven process

Impressed by its team’s transparent approach and work portfolio, Panta Group partnered with AllRide for a fully customized solution to meet its eCommerce cannabis delivery needs.

“Panta Group was an interesting collaboration that required us to go above and beyond our normal proceedings to establish a much bigger digital system in the Philippines. We worked day and night to make their dream a reality.”

Swarnendu de Co-founder & Director, AllRide

Handling multiple stores with minimal problems

One of David’s big concerns was the frustrating and time-consuming nature of shopping online for essential items. While finding the right items can be a struggle, even when items are found, it does not get any easier. Dealing with multiple lines, stores, checkouts, and deliveries can result in cart abandonment.

The team at AllRide identified a realistic, efficient solution to overcome this. Limiting stores shown to a specific radius in the customer’s local area prevents this frustration. As well as, making the process hassle-free and less time-consuming for customers, working efficiently like this ensures maximum efficiency for delivery executives.


Integrating a payment solution to let customers
make personal choices

Because there are times when customers prefer visiting physical stores instead of online shopping, David needed a solution that would meet their payment needs both in and out of stores.

AllRide Delivery wanted the eCommerce solution to allow customers to pay for their orders - in person or online - in the way which best suits their needs. By partnering with Mastercard, Panta Pay users now benefit from a Buy Now Pay Later option that delays payment by a few days after purchase.


Creating easy-to-use, engaging features

Because new users are known to spend less than 30 seconds on the home screen, AllRide Delivery’s design features high-quality images to grab user attention and urge them to order.

  • The simplified page design offers special attention to the nearest shops and newest arrivals - helping to minimize the time customers need to find ordering inspiration.
  • A search feature within Panta Pay allows users to see what items they’ve searched for previously for easy look-up. Search results shown are tailored to the customer’s preferences for the most relevant results every time.
  • An easy-access order history section keeps users informed of recent order statuses, as well as details of previous orders - making reordering items quick and simple.

When checkout needs to be abandoned, Panta Pay makes it easy for the customer to go back and edit their cart. Best of all, they can even do this after placing an order.
Because customers like to know exactly when their deliveries will arrive, Panta Pay features an informative wizard that allows them to track their delivery. Alongside push notifications, customers can see the current location of the delivery executive on a map and contact them as necessary.

Ensuring launch success

The launch of the Panta Delivery Solution means users across the Philippines can - for the first time ever - order multiple products from multiple stores and receive them in a single delivery to their doorstep within a 90-minute window.
The solution does more than allow customers to browse unlimited products from a large inventory with flexible payment options: it utilizes GPS to give users real-time insights into their order’s current location.

Final Product

Now the final Product!

Exciting right? Here are some of the screens of the final product we created for Panta Delivery.

Next Steps!

Looking ahead to the future


For business users, the launch equips them with a digital tool that enhances their customers’ experiences - while exposing them to a larger customer base. As well as improving customer satisfaction and retention, its introduction enables partners to offer efficient, real-time delivery while increasing sales, too.

Now the final product

Exciting right? Here are some of the screens of the final product we created for Panta Delivery.


Beginning of a new journey

GCG is immensely pleased with the customized cannabis e-commerce, and delivery solution delivered by AllRide and is already looking forward to taking it to market.

Looking ahead, the client plans to expand his business by extending cannabis delivery services into other areas - utilizing the e-commerce and delivery solutions developed by AllRide.


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