How Mallie is driving 200% sales with a first-of-its-kind mall shopping experience with AllRide Delivery

gcgUnited Arab Emirates (UAE)

With more than 65 malls across the nation of 3,000,000, UAE is known across the world as a shopper’s paradise.

Situations like the recent pandemic, however, prevented people from being able to make the most of shopping on their doorstep.

That’s when an entrepreneur decided to provide locals and tourists with a new kind of shopping rendezvous that delivers the world-class shopping experiences offered by six of the nation’s most prestigious shopping malls into their homes.

Retail Solution

Creating a new solution for retail

Peter Kelvin, CEO of Mallie, knew he needed more than just another retail application. He needed an on-demand eCommerce solution capable of delivering the highest standard of online shopping experience.

Importantly, the eCommerce solution needed to allow customers to shop with all of their favorite brands, browse the items currently held in inventories and - above all else - enjoy the same-day delivery they could expect from a physical shopping experience.

Unlike apps that target local shops and brand outlets, Mallie is a complete digital shopping mall experience providing customers and businesses with the interactive tool needed to leverage footfalls in six of UAE’s leading malls.

Right Partner

Finding the right partner

Mallie’s CEO, Peter first learned of AllRide Apps while looking for a partner for his digital solution.

He was impressed by the team’s knowledge and experience in the transport & Logistics industry - gained during its eight-year history.

However, when he discovered the full capabilities of AllRide’s next-level eCommerce and delivery platform, he realized he had finally found his perfect project partner.

Overcoming challenges

AllRide relished the challenge of bringing Peter’s vision into reality. AllRide employed its most skilled designers and developers available and set them to work. .

Deploying the best technical resources allowed them to create an MVP that met the needs of the client, as well as its customers.

Once live, the client and his team tested the application’s most challenging features.


Making payment processing easier

While the solution aims to deliver a great customer experience, AllRide’s team always kept the client’s key objective - converting footfall into sales - top of mind.

Because payment processing determines Mallie’s success in meeting this goal, AllRide needed an innovative approach to overcome the limitations faced. At the time, customers were only able to pay by cash on delivery or by card via POS hardware.

The team’s deep understanding of payment processing resulted in the quick identification of an efficient solution. Utilizing dedicated and aggregated merchant accounts while integrating the Stripe payment gateway into the application design means customers can make secure payments online.

Helping customers browse over-the-counter


Uniquely, Mallie allows its users to browse and purchase the fashions currently held in stock at world-class malls across UAE.

In addition, it gives customers at-home access to their favorite brands, allowing them to purchase as many items as they would like and have them delivered to their doorstep on the same day.

A special pre-booking option is available to help customers who may not be ready to purchase then and there. This feature allows them to reserve items that meet their requirements (e.g., size, color, etc.) so they can purchase them at a later date.

Creating fresh looks automatically

When new inventory arrives in-store, Mallie updates automatically, thanks to its integration with vendor inventory management systems. As well as saving time for Mallie’s administration, it does the same for vendors, too.

Mallie also utilizes an AI-driven styling platform proven to keep the platform looking fresh and on-brand while working to boost revenue. It delivers exceptional styling recommendations on a regular basis to users.

Because they are based on their purchase history, tastes and preferences, it ensures a truly personalized shopping experience.

Business Goals

Meeting customer and business goals

Mallie meets the needs of users who want a world-class mall shopping experience without ever setting foot outside.


Mallie allows them to browse, book, and buy the latest fashions from the world-class brands they love. And, unlike traditional eCommerce, where they might need to wait a few days for delivery, Mallie arranges for the items ordered to arrive on users’ doorsteps on that very same day.

This unique mall delivery app is a powerful digital tool that helps businesses leverage footfalls in UAE’s six largest malls. Its introduction means businesses can drive sales, promote fresh stocks, and showcase the latest trends to customers in their homes… just like they do in the windows of their stores.

Customer satisfaction is taken care of thanks to Mallie’s engaging user experience, supported by powerful AI that offers visually similar alternatives to out-of-stock products and highlights trending styles.

It also introduces the option of same-day delivery to bricks and mortar stores competing in a digital world.

In a post-pandemic world, it achieves them without compromising on sales, ROI, and inventory loss - ensuring mall store owners’ business continuity plans

Final Product

Now the final Product!

Exciting right? Here are some of the screens of the final product we have created for Mallie.

Next Steps!

Looking ahead to the future


With Mallie, the malls are targeting to attract more customers to experience this unique shopping experience and take the retail business for the stores to a new level.

Now the final product

Exciting right? Here are some of the screens of the final product we have provided to GCG.


Looking ahead to the future

With Mallie, the malls are targeting to attract more customers to experience this unique shopping experience and take the retail business for the stores to a new level.

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