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Wider access to restaurants than ever before in the UK means that achieving success relies on more than simply delivering great food: businesses need to deliver great customer experiences online, too.

The Vision

When Adeeb Rafiq founded Jerry's Burgers & Desserts in Liverpool in 2020, he wanted to create a brand offering burgers, chicken, and desserts that were more than a walk-in store. He had a vision of Jerry’s delivering affordable meals that customers could enjoy in the comfort of their own homes… and not just in one part of Liverpool. He saw multiple outlets operating and in multiple cities.


Transforming a vision into reality

Competing against industry-leading brands, such as Domino's, for customer loyalty meant Jerry’s needed more than an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution.
While it needed to support a multi-franchise model, at its core, he wanted an online ordering and delivery system that would be easy for customers, staff, and admin to use, too.

A seamless ordering process was key. For the app to be successful, however, he understood that he needed to be able to offer customers a convenient choice of payment options.
Most importantly, he needed an in-built delivery system capable of facilitating delivery - whether in-store or at the customer’s doorstep. When Adeeb approached a company to make his vision a reality, the results left him feeling unsatisfied.

Right Partner

Finding a capable and reliable partner

Adeeb began searching for a reliable mobile app development company aligned with his vision for Jerry's brand.

That's when he discovered the team at AllRide Delivery. With more than eight years of experience, the AllRide team has developed a powerful e-commerce and delivery platform for delivery and distribution businesses like his.

As well as being capable of connecting businesses with customers and delivery drivers quickly and easily - it's fully scalable and customizable. The software allow businesses to work more flexibly, accurately, and profitably.

Meeting the creative challenge

When Adeeb first approached AllRide, Jerry's sales were restricted to those ordering in the restaurant. Food orders were processed via a PAR system.

Since operating a separate system for online orders creates unnecessary complexity, Adeeb needed a solution capable of replicating delivery orders within the PAR POS system. Integrating this into the solution was crucial as it ensured easy accountancy for Adeeb.

Inspired by brands like Domino's, Adeeb also wanted an intuitive design for the Jerry's application. He envisioned an uncluttered look - without navigation or unnecessary buttons - allowing customers to easily add products to their baskets.
The client was also keen to incorporate a new feature into the AllRide platform: a delivery system capable of keeping them informed about preparation and delivery times.


Delivering the solution - on time and on budget


Working in close partnership with Adeeb and his team, AllRide Delivery mapped out a development plan for Jerry's app in response to the needs of the business.
AllRide's design team began by drafting eye-catching designs for the application and shared them with Adeeb for approval before proceeding to the next stage of development.

Alongside menu customizations and a new feature to keep customers informed of food preparation times, AllRide created admin and management panels to increase the application's user-friendliness

AllRide’s customized application automatically notifies staff of new orders via the restaurant panel. Orders received are also automatically printed on the kitchen’s PAR hardware - ensuring that customers receive their food as quickly as possible - whether they are dining in, taking it away, or even getting it delivered to their homes.

Because the client intended to operate Jerry's as a multi-franchise model in the future, the scalable solution automatically reflects things like price changes within other systems - for easy updating. Once finalized, the AllRide wireframe was shared with a team of expert testers to ensure great customer experiences from the application's go-live.


Exceeding customer and business expectations

The launch of the application means Jerry's customers can now enjoy their favorite burgers and desserts from the comfort of homes.


The biggest changes, however, have been enjoyed by the business.
Traditionally, the decision to introduce a delivery service increases operational complexity. However, thanks to the application's user-friendly admin and management panels - and integration with the shop's POS system - working is much easier for staff at all levels.

As well as allowing the business to grow, the new system allows its transformation into a multi-franchise model, thanks to its inbuilt scalability and features such as one-step price changes.

Final Product

Now the final Product!

Exciting right? Check some of the screens of the final product we created for Jerry’s Burger

Next Steps!

Looking ahead


Since partnering with AllRide Logistics, Adeeb has not looked back.

Its experienced team's ability to align with his vision has resulted in an app that works for his customers and his business.

Now the final product

Exciting right? Check some of the screens of the final product we created for Jerry’s Burger


Looking ahead

Since partnering with AllRide Logistics, Adeeb has not looked back.

Its experienced team's ability to align with his vision has resulted in an app that works for his customers and his business.

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