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Get Your Branded Bus Booking Solution

AI-driven. Scalable. Brilliantly usable. Customizable. And thoroughly road-tested. That's the AllRide Bus Booking Software.

You get separate yet linked apps for your customers, drivers, and administrators, giving you all you need for a bus reservation system ready to take to the road in as little as 5 days.

Providing transport services gets easier with the right booking software

AllRide Apps delivers well-functioned transport booking software that streamlines and optimizes each operation a chauffeur business needs to perform, from booking management to vehicle tracking in real-time & maintenance.

A Complete Product Suite of Hand-Picked Features

The AllRide bus booking system has been created to bring unique value to your business to help it grow. Our bus charter booking software comes with exciting features as well as fully functional panels for each user:

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White Label Cab Apps Development USA

AllRide is impressive, and the product they built is compelling. The dashboard is well-designed, and intuitive menu layouts simplify operations and management. Live tracking of agents and location is easier with AllRide Bus.

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Jay Dawn, Logistics Director, Rescue Bus, Texas

Bus booking software

Customer App

Let your service users book tickets via your bus ticket booking software to get from A to B. Choose from a selection of features that include:

  • Book seats via seat map
  • Track buses live via GPS
  • Access route schedule information
  • 31 more features to choose from
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Transport booking software

Driver App

Our bus ticket booking app gives drivers direct access to information about pick-up and drop-off points along the route and helps manage customer ticketing and booking confirmation. Features of the app include:

  • View seat reservation map to check capacity
  • QR code ticket scanning
  • Offline ticket generator
  • Automated e-receipts
  • 30 more features
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Transport management software

Dispatch System

Access an all-encompassing control center for your bus and shuttle booking app development to manage every aspect of your business easily. Features include:

  • Customer and driver profile management
  • Bus inventory
  • Trip tracking via GPS
  • Stations management tool
  • 20 more features
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This Argentinian bus pool app allows customers to pick their mode of transport - bus, taxi or black car. Over 150,000 rides are booked via the app every day.

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The first bus seat booking app to appear in the Philippines. It's providing safe transport options for customers with long journeys to make.

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Emergency Bus Reservation Software
Rescue bus

An emergency bus service that specializes in rescuing stranded passengers from scenes of accidents.

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What Makes Transportation Businesses Choose AllRide Bus

Launch Your Branded Bus Bookling Solution

Check out our guide to explore features that will add value to your business, improve bus ticket booking app development, the advanced technology stack we use, and everything you need to know to launch your business.

AllRide Bus FAQs

My bus business is a smaller one, so will your solutions work for me?
Absolutely they will. Our basic software application is feature-packed and designed to be scalable, so it will suit businesses of all sizes.
How long does it take to get the apps ready to go?
The size of your company will be the deciding factor here, as the bigger your company the more setting up of services in vehicles is required. But if you don't deviate from the pre-made package, we could have your Bus App ready within 5 days.
What degree of customization can be carried out?
Plenty. Yes, our pre-built solution comes with essential features that make it ready to use. But if you want any changes made or things added, that's fine and can be easily accommodated.
Can you tell me more about your project management approach to white label bus software?
Sure. We follow a well-rehearsed series of steps that will ensure the smooth running of the project from start to finish. Our approach to project management:

Defining project goals and objectives: Project managers define the scope of the project, its goals, and objectives, including the requirements for the white label bus software solution.

Project plan creation: Our team develops a comprehensive project plan that outlines the tasks, timelines, resources, and budget required for the project.

Software development: We use an agile software development methodology to design and develop the software solution.

Test the software: Our testers perform rigorous testing to ensure it meets the specified requirements and is error-free.

Customization and branding: We customize the software to meet each client's branding and customization requirements.

Software deployment: We deploy the software solution to each client, ensuring it fully integrates with their existing systems and infrastructure.

Ongoing support: We provide ongoing technical support, maintenance, and updates to the white label bus software solution to ensure it remains current and meets each client's evolving needs.

Monitor performance: We keep monitoring the performance of the software solution and its impact on each client's business and use this information to identify areas for improvement and future development.
It would be great if you could get my finished apps on the market...
Yes, we will uploard them to iTunes and Google Play for you, so they're in front of your audience. Your backend features and management dashboard can also be hosted on your chosen server, or we'll host it on AWS - our recommended server.

Take Your Bus Ticket Reservation Business to the Next Level

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