I wish every software developer were like them. The team is open and honest, and I absolutely trust them.

frank image
Frank Kroon

Founder, BeMup

We provided them with wireframes to start the project, from which they built and launched the app. We are extremely happy with what Innofied built and how long it took to complete.

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Joe Sanfelippo

President, Logistibid Corp

Most impressive is their ability to communicate along with the team they have managed to build in 2 different areas in India. They consistently meet and exceed every milestone. They're always open to suggestions and tweaks to the app

Client Raymond Lakings
Raymond Lakings


They have great customer service. They not only commit to the business, but to the idea. They are very good listeners. They can also enlighten and teach you and make your idea even more fantastic. They have the knowledge and that was priceless. Everything about them is great. We went to India and they treated us like family.

Client Larizza-V-Maya
Larizza V. Maya

CEO, Pro-Skool

client testimonial video thumnail

They're crazy. They're great. An Awesome experience.

Client picture - Pedro Laplaza
Pedro Laplaza

VP of Design, Viapool

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