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A Complete Product Suite of Hand-Picked Features

Door-to-door milk and dairy deliveries are back in a big way. Thanks in no small measure to the mobile on-demand technology the like of which we're experts at building here at AllRide Delivery.

We have ready-to-go milk delivery apps powered by awesome AI that can be adapted to suit your brand and carry the features you want. We're ready to make your milk delivery business the cream of the crop.


Milk Delivery Solution With AI-Driven Dispatch System

If you're looking to set up a new on-demand milk delivery business, or you're looking to upgrade your existing operations to supply the ease, convenience and mobility customers expect, you';re in the right place. Because we're the right team to deliver the various milk delivery apps and software solutions you need to establish an online, technologically advanced operation with the variety of features needed to succeed.

Online Milk Delivery Software

Customer App

Let customers choose what they want, and make it easy for them to order and re-order their favorites. This app's features include:

  • Dairy product selection interface
  • Customer history and repeat order functionality
  • Secure online payments
  • Many more features
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Milk Delivery App Development Company

Driver App

Milk doesn't need to be delivered in slow milk floats anymore. Your team of drivers could have push bikes, motorbikes, even cars. This app will connect them to your milk and dairy product suppliers and your customers, so they can act as the go-between, picking up product from the former and delivering it to the latter. The app features :

  • Live GPS for easy pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Direct communication with customers
  • View order visibility
  • Much more
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Milk Delivery app solution

Dispatch System

Make your whole business visible at your fingertips via our admin panel solution. It puts you in control like never before, thanks to the following features:

  • Manage orders and drivers
  • Add or remove products
  • Manage coupons and customer offers
  • Oversee income and outgoings
  • Much more
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We’ve Developed

Online Milk Delivery Management Solution
Good Food

The amazing UI on this platform has made ordering food instantly incredibly simple.

App Prototypes
bandana app screen

Food-ordering simplicity in app form.

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Why Choose AllRide Delivery To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Answering Your AllRide Milk Delivery FAQs

Mine's a smaller milk delivery business. Will your software work for me?
We've taken care to ensure our milk delivery base solution has the scalability to suit businesses of all sizes, and those that experience growth.
You say you can deliver your software quickly, but how quickly?
Obviously, developing software solutions is a complex business, but so much time is saved by basing our solutions on our pre-made, ready to go software. Delivery times depend on the size of your business and how far you want to divert from the pre-made solutions and features we have.
What sort of customization can I get?
As much or as little as you want. Get the features you want and remove the ones you don't. We can brand-up your apps to help make your milk delivery service famous in your area.
How do you approach milk delivery software solution projects?
We have a well-established way of working that's proven its worth, and we hope you will soon see the benefits of working with us. You can see more about our project management stages and steps here.
Can you get the app you develop on the market?
Yes, we're happy to upload your apps to iTunes and Google Play so they're available for download. And your backend and admin panel will be hosted on your chosen server. If you're happy to leave it to us to choose the server, we'll pick AWS.

Take Your Milk Delivery Business to the Next Level.

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