AI Powered Ecommerce Suite For 100% Order Fulfillment

Last mile delivery is always challenging. Delays, lack of real time visibility, inability to fulfill are some of the common challenges that majorly creates a bad faith among customers. This is exactly what Allride tries to address through its focus on innovative solutions to optimize delivery.

Our Ecommerce delivery suite comes with an intelligent Dispatch System which automatically takes care of order fulfillment, route optimization for multiple deliveries, capacity utilization for operational efficiency, among other things.

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Wide Choice of Platforms

With Allride Grocery Delivery solution, you are never tied down to any specific tech stack. Our solutions support a wide range of popular Ecommerce platforms which automatically provides you the flexibility to harness the features of your preferred platform. Additionally, we support a wide range of country specific payment gateways, languages and third party integrations.

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A Complete Product Suite of Hand-Picked Features

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A complete suite of web and mobile solutions

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Completely Customizable While label solution

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Customizable for Single Vendor and Multi vendor solutions

Ecommerce Delivery Solution

Multiple supported languages and payment gateways including cryptocurrency

On Demand ecommerce app development

Real time tracking of deliveries

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Inventory management for 100% order fulfillment

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AI powered reporting dashboards

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Customer support module for maximized customer satisfaction

Ecommerce Delivery Solution USA On Demand ecommerce app development USA Ecommerce Mobile App Development UK eCommerce App Development Company UK

Customer App

  • 1. Advanced search Functionality

    Search by category, keywords, promotion and offers. Customizable as per requirements.

  • 2. Choice of Payment

    Users get multiple payment options such as online payment, cash on delivery, wallet, etc.

  • 3. Easy /one step checkout

    Fast and easy checkout process suitable for all customer types. Ensure seamless experience and minimize missed orders.

  • 4. Order tracking and real time notifications for more transparency

    Track orders right from the time its placed and get real time notifications for every milestone achieved.

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Delivery App

  • 1. Seamless Onboarding for Delivery agents

    Quickly onboard your delivery agents with an intuitive delivery app.

  • 2. Real time Order Tracking

    Easy to use dashboard for delivery agents with order details, pickup and drop information, ETA with route optimization for multiple deliveries.

  • 3. Real time updates

    Delivery agents can update status of orders in real time such as order picked, out for delivery, delivered, etc.

  • 4. Performance Monitoring

    Monitor performance, eccidents, delays, etc. for enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Admin Panel

  • 1. Easy product management

    Quickly manage products and categories with an easy to use interface for adding descriptions, photos, price etc.

  • 2. Simplified Inventory Management

    Keep your inventory up to date at all times easily with an easy to use interface. Comes with the ability to fetch inventory from multiple third party databases.

  • 3. Advanced Reporting

    Track performance of your orders, sales, delivery agents with various AI powered analytic tools and maximize customer satisfaction.

  • 4. Order Management

    Receive real time notifications for placed orders, process orders at the earliest, track delivery status.

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Dispatch System

  • 1. Staff/Delivery agent management

    Add, modify and delete staff and delivery agents.

  • 2. Intuitive & Interactive Dashboard

    Monitor your operations and business from a centralised location anytime

  • 3. Customer Relationship Management

    Intuitive CRM to keep track of customer orders, get insights on customer spending information, and maximize repeat orders.

  • 4. Revenue Management

    Get insights of collections by various channels, track revenue, manage invoice and refunds.

Customer App
Delivery App
Admin Panel
Dispatch System

Unlimited Scalability With Exclusive API Integrations

AllRide Ecommerce Delivery seamlessly connects with hundreds of payment, order fulfillment and other APIs which make it one of the most scalable products.

Ecommerce Delivery Solution

Customer Success Stories

insta express app screen
Insta Express

A next generation multi vendor ecommerce delivery platform. The platform redefines Ecommerce experience with real time tracking of orders, flexible pricing options, and superior inventory management for store owners and admin.

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mallie app screen

A unique retail delivery app to enhance footfalls in brand outlets. Customers can choose to order online or reserve their favorite items for store pickup. The solution features an AI based system that enhances customer satisfaction by offering visually similar alternatives to out of stock products.

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good food screen
Good Food

A food delivery solution with an intuitive search. Customers can search for their favorite dishes by restaurants, location, cuisines etc. A comprehensive restaurant panel helps restaurants to fulfill orders, manage franchises, track delivery, etc. Good Food provides AI powered analytics for measuring performance and maximizing customer satisfaction.

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AllRide Ecommerce Delivery FAQs

Can you provide a delivery system for ecommerce apps?
Certainly. We have a complete Dispatch System with Delivery Manager Panel and Apps for Delivery Boys (iOS + Android)
Does your package include deployment and approval of apps on App stores?
We offer complete support for the deployment of the App. Approval on Appstores is not in our scope but we follow all the standards in programming and technical aspects that are necessary for app approval in stores.
Does your App package include features like discount coupons, loyalty offers,etc?
Yes or solution comes with all these aspects. We would like to discuss with you all the features that you want to develop in your app.
Can my app or website have multiple languages?
Yes, our solution supports a wide list of languages. You will have to share with us the content for the language.
Does your solution include both website and mobile apps?
Yes, our Allride grocery solution comes with a variety of packages comprising both Web & App solutions as per your business need.
I'll want a customized solution. Can you deliver that?
Of course. We welcome businesses with ideas to make their food delivery business different from anything else out there, and our base solution is designed to be adaptable.
How do you approach project management?
We have a set way of approaching projects that's proved it can deliver the goods (no pun intended). You can find out more about the steps we follow here.
How can I maximize my food business income?
You can charge commissions every time an order is placed with a restaurant via your food app, or if restaurants want to advertise their services on your app. You can also charge delivery fees and vary your prices, increasing them at busy times.
What are the delivery lead times like?
That's all down to what you require. Obviously, the closer to our pre-prepared software solution you get, the less time it will take. If you want to make a whole host of changes and add more features, and if your business is a big one, the time taken will be longer.

Looking to build a eCommerce Delivery System? Our Delivery Solutions team can help.

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