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No-nonsense Information Security In Logistics To Manage Your Business

Logistics growth has been proportional to a truckload of security issues. The industry lacks proper management, doesn’t have a scalable system, difficult drivers to deal with etc. About half of the entire driver force are difficult to handle. Truckers are worried about the emerging risks in their system.

Though some are confident of the new internet ‘IT’ practices implemented in the business, logistics security is at stake. Are you able to check Whether it is about goods theft in trucking or cyber threat or breach faced by logistics industry, information security in logistics require attention?

In this post, we can surely focus on why security lags in logistics and how you can develop a secured business with mobile apps.

To start with, the major security threats in logistics remain to be

  • Increase in goods theft
  • Cyber threats
  • Mishandling of credentials among business personnel
  • Middlemen meddling with information (mostly in supply chains)
  • Insufficient maintenance in national and international standards

Traditional logistics system lag drastically. There was no way to look at the trucks or cargo on the road. And it was tough to count every package that gets dispatched. Data ethics was not maintained which had led companies to lose crucial customer information. This directly affected potential revenues. In addition to that, driver safety is yet another issue that concerns logistics, trucking to be specific. So, in a long run, business was losing on trust from customers, which led undermine the brand value and lowered mouhlas.

But the good news is, you can get over these security threats and mitigate the underlying risks. IoT or Internet of Things is completely changing the big picture in logistics. It has a broader aspect that can manage the logistics industry. With just the help of this networked business, Logistics alone can generate almost $1.9 trillion value of what IoT generates globally. You can unlock better opportunities with the internet and mobile tech, that can help you in real time communication for the upcoming millions of shipments with Uber for trucking app.

Let’s uncover the efficiency of mobile technology brewed with IoT that answers how to increase security in logistics!


Want A Smarter, Safer And Manageable Goods Movement? Think Of QR Codes

When you start loading goods on your cargo, you do a manual counting- rather one of your employees does. Even a CCTV footage can’t tell if he did it right! Isn’t? Every package, whether big or small, can’t be marked manually by numbers. You will need a good manpower to record the goods detail and manage your inventories. So, in the end, you can you count, organize and manage your customer’s boxes and track them for future needs?


  1. Move over bar codes or manual management. With QR (Quick Response) Codes generation tool designed for your goods, you get the freedom to keep everything in place.
  2. The truck apps can integrate for your system to read the codes and offer you with in-depth details.
  3. With the codes, you get to know the check-in times. You get them on your apps connected to the internet.
  4. When the QR code label for the box is scanned, you get the owner details, box number and customer details in an instant.
  5. Furthermore- track the location using GPS to know its position in the warehouse, check out area or if it has been delivered. You can even get the transfer history to tally your data!


GPS Can Minimize Goods Theft. Have You Thought Of It? Here’s How!

Think of your fleet management business. Many trucks are loaded with highly precious goods are they are transported on a daily basis. How can you assure of their safety? What if the goods are missing before they reach your customers? Would you pay for the damages? Who are you going to blame- the driver?

With mobile GPS tracking in Uber for trucking app, you not only safeguard your goodies but you can know if any of the items are stolen. Whether you ship valuable consignments or have doubtful drivers in your fleet, your logistics management app can trigger you, right at the moment. As soon as you get the alerts, you can have the truck and goods detail on your screen- for further actions. Nothing will slip from your vision with Uber for trucking app.


Turn On Your Security Game With Secure Logistics Solution

Security is not only for the goods. When you are running a trucking business, you have to think of driver safety. And how can you do that? Well, what you miss is lack truck/cargo maintenance- for different reasons! Sometimes you forget and sometimes you are trying your save your money. “Eh, I never do that!” but you secretly do. ‘Cause when you are the Boss and there’s no one to steer you, you’re lazy to schedule maintenance. And can be unfortunate for your business.

Mobile app API can remind you of scheduled maintenance. With that, your trucker gets secure and is not stranded somewhere- or broken. Being on top of the standard will make your fleet safer which is only going to aid in your security. Cargo apps or truck apps are secure logistics solutions which help you keep a tap on risk analysis, audit, and inspection of vehicles, track injuries, schedule truck maintenance etc. Your Logistics business is now safe from accidents or engine breakdown- saving extra operational costs!

Don’t you always dream to make more money in your business? 


Do You Think You Lag In Logistics Security?

The increase in security thefts has baffled truckers and logistics owners all over the world. It is a great concern for trucking and logistics. But if you want to tap into your logistics system and build more security around your business, make sure you are on top of your security. With AllRide app solution, we can deliver you the best logistics app development solution. It can help you get a grip over your logistics that reduces theft and good stealing. What you get is a complete security of your cargoes, drivers, and trucking industry with our Uber for trucking app.


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