Take your grocery business to the highest peak of success with our trusted grocery delivery management software.

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Customer app

Being the leading grocery delivery app development company, AllRide focuses on the usability of customer app by implementing the following features:

  • Advanced search functionality.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Easy one-step checkout.
  • Order tracking and real-time notifications.

Driver Delivery app

AllRide driver delivery app module is designed considering the needs, performance measurement, and safety issues of the drivers who are responsible for delivering the ordered grocery items. Some of its outstanding features are:

  • Seamless onboarding of delivery agents.
  • Real-time order tracking.
  • Real-time updates.
  • Performance monitoring.

Dispatch Panel

A smart connected grocery delivery app solution is incomplete without an effective dispatch panel. Our team incorporate the following features in dispatch panel to ensure its efficiency:

  • Staff/delivery agent management.
  • Intuitive and interactive dashboard.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Revenue management.

Check out how we help 120,000 buses with our smart bus management system.

Cab Booking Software

How we are empowering innumerable businesses with our AI-driven grocery delivery app solutions

Fully customized solutions

Nurture your brand visibility and make it popular among your customers with our fully customized on-demand grocery delivery app solutions.

Route optimization

Select the shortest and fastest routes for your delivery agents with the help of route optimization. It will help you reduce fuel costs.

24/7 in-app online chat support

We implement a 24*7 in-app chat to help you provide your customers with instant and valuable support whenever they need it the most.

Multi-functional platform

AllRide provides a single grocery delivery management software integrated with different modules to operate multiple functions.

Seamless checkout process

AllRide, from its hands-on experience, has gained mastery over Integration of a checkout method in a grocery delivery app development process.

Live tracking

With GPS integration, we make it easier for our clients and their customers to track the live location of the driver and understand the status of the delivery.



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  • Admin Panel
  • Store/Shops Panel
  • Languages
  • Admin Panel
  • Customer Support
  • Branded Customer Mobile App
  • Professional App
  • Branded Professional App
  • Bidding Add On
  • E-commerce Add On


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  • Growth plan features, plus
  • Store/Shops Panel
  • Languages
  • Admin Panel
  • Customer Support
  • Branded Customer Mobile App
  • Professional App
  • Branded Professional App
  • Bidding Add On
  • E-commerce Add On

Trinidad's MS Superstores increased revenue by 90% with the launch of Insta Express

Ravil wanted an eCommerce delivery platform capable of scaling his delivery business. He hoped that Insta Express would benefit from a smart delivery system designed to save time through automation and real-time insights.

500,000+ orders per

#1 eCommerce platform in Trinidad

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Launch your grocery business with smart and connected AllRide delivery solutions

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Cab Booking Software

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Cab Booking Software

100+ integrations and 10+ payment gateways

Cab Booking Software

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AI and IoT-based smart features

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White Label Cab Apps Development USA

My overarching aim of an on-demand retail delivery just like uber eats was made true by AllRide Delivery. The team at AllRide was intelligent, polite, kind, helpful, responsive, and communicative, meeting every deadline and cost estimate. Their work's positive user feedback excites us, as does the solution's great look and feel. The platform is functional and received positive customer feedback, only having minor bugs.

White Label Cab Apps Development USA

Ravil Sookhoo, CEO, Insta Express, Trinidad & Tobago



Can you provide a delivery system for grocery apps?
Certainly. We have a complete Dispatch System with Delivery Manager Panel and Apps for Delivery Boys (iOS + Android).
Does your package include deployment and approval of apps on App stores?
We offer complete support for the deployment of the on-demand grocery delivery app solutions. Approval on App stores is not in our scope but we follow all the standards in programming and technical aspects that are necessary for app approval in stores.
Does your App package include features like discount coupons, loyalty offers,etc?
Yes or on-demand grocery delivery app solution comes with all these aspects. We would like to discuss with you all the features that you want to develop in your app. Our package can be customized for all kinds of businesses, be it a grocery delivery startup or an established business.
Can my app or website have multiple languages?
Yes, our grocery delivery management software supports a wide list of languages. You will have to share with us the content for the language.
Does your solution include both website and mobile apps?
Yes, our Allride grocery solution comes with a variety of packages comprising both Web & App solutions as per your business need.
I'll want a customized solution. Can you deliver that?
Of course. We welcome businesses with ideas to make their food delivery business different from anything else out there, and our base solution is designed to be adaptable.
How do you approach project management?
We have a set way of approaching projects that's proved it can deliver the goods (no pun intended). You can find out more about the steps we follow here.
What are the delivery lead times like?
That's all down to what you require. Obviously, the closer to our pre-prepared software solution you get, the less time it will take. If you want to make a whole host of changes and add more features, and if your business is a big one, the time taken will be longer.
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