Take your taxi business online with features like real-time tracking, dynamic pricing, and multiple payment gateway support.

Cab Booking Software Cab Booking Software Cab Booking Software Cab Booking Software Cab Booking Software
Taxi App Development- Driver Module
Taxi App Development- Driver Module

Driver app

As a trusted taxi app development company, we provide solutions every driver needs to get the job done. Receive and accept ride requests, and offer prompt and reliable driving service.

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Surge Pricing
  • Automated e-receipts
  • Tip technology

Customer app

User-friendly dedicated cab booking applications with all the key features and intuitive UI.

  • One Tap Booking
  • Ride Sharing
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Ride Scheduling
  • Split Fares
On-demand Taxi App Development- Customer Module
On-demand Taxi App Development- Customer Module
Dispatch Panel of a Reputed Taxi App Development Company
Dispatch Panel of a Reputed Taxi App Development Company

Dispatch Panel

Smart dispatch system for scheduling trips, taking phone bookings, assigning trips, tracking locations, etc.

  • Manage Menus
  • Revenue Management
  • Promotions & Offers
  • Manage Deliveries
  • Send receipts after completion

Customer reviews tell why 1000+ businesses trust AllRide.

Cab Booking Software

Discover how we power 100,000+ taxis with AllRide’s taxi app solution

Map View and GPS Tracking

GPS enabled software to check the live location of passengers/drivers. Automatic route selection and directions for optimized travel.

Real-time navigation updates

Easy navigation, updates on scheduled rides, promo codes, multiple payment options, and a single-click checkout for a seamless user experience.

Separate profile bios

Allow drivers and customers to create their own bios, where they can set preferences, book and cancel rides, accept and reject rides, etc.

Analytics dispatch system

Get the complete overview of all the data from your taxi booking app through our powerful analytics admin dashboard.

Give accurate estimates

Match app users with their nearest driver instantly and give them an accurate time of arrival. Customers can save their card details, and all payments are secure.

Security features

Install a panic button + 2FA to aid passengers in case of any emergency, which will automatically send the vehicle and location information to the passenger’s contacts.



For new startups and small businesses

  • Instant & Schedule Ride
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Auto and Manual Dispatch
  • User Management
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Zone-wise Fare Calculation
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Zone Management
  • Revenue Reports
  • Multiple Payment Gateways


Advanced AI-based features

  • Growth plan features plus
  • Downloadable reports
  • Driver Payout
  • Roles and Subadmin
  • Schedule Notifications
  • Fare Bidding
  • Integration with Xero, Quickbooks
  • Vehicle Telematics / Chauffeur hiring module
  • 5 Language Support
  • 5 Currency Support
AllRide Taxi Booking App Development Solution AllRide Taxi Booking App Development Solution

The complete taxi booking app development solution was completed on a concise project schedule without skipping any critical features, like masked in-app communication, real-time cab tracking, and secured payment methods.

* Quick ride booking experience

* Automated and integrated payment support

We can help you launch your taxi booking business

Cab Booking Software

White-label software with your own branding

Cab Booking Software

50+ language support

Cab Booking Software

100+ integrations and 10+ payment gateways

Cab Booking Software

Available in 75 countries

Cab Booking Software

Editable source code with 1-month FREE support post-launch

Cab Booking Software

AI and IoT-based smart features

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White Label Cab Apps Development USA

The complete taxi booking solution was delivered on a very short project schedule without skipping any critical features , like masked in-app communication, real-time cab tracking, and secured payment methods.

White Label Cab Apps Development USA

Adam Mackenzie, Merari & Sons



How can on demand taxi app development help your transportation business?
There are plenty of benefits to using on-demand taxi booking apps for transportation businesses. Some of the benefits are discussed as follows:
Enhances Booking Frequency: Earlier, the taxi business was only limited to the areas where the company was situated. Taxi booking software can increase your booking limits, eventually increasing the number of bookings.
Improves Operational Effectiveness: Managing a taxi vehicle is difficult because one has to maintain goodwill in the business. Quality plays a key role when competition is high, and customer satisfaction is essential. Taxi booking software provides genuine reports, real-time updates, and other features to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the dispatch process.
Boosts Return on Investment: Because of this, more and more passengers are increasing daily. Having a higher rate of interest together with that also increases the business's profit. Other benefits include passenger security, multiple payment methods, and better customer satisfaction.
How much experience do you have in taxi booking app development?
Our development team has extensive experience in taxi app development. We have worked with a range of clients, from small businesses to large-scale taxi companies, to create custom solutions that meet their specific needs. Our team of talented taxi booking app developers stays up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in the industry to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service.
What features do you include in your taxi app development solution?
The basic features of this app include the ability to make mobile payments through an app payment gateway and an administrative panel. Both a driver app and a passenger app are required. Some advanced features include the ability to save favorite locations and trip details and the option to offer digital coupons. We can also help you add any additional advanced functionality to help you stand out in this competitive market.
How much does it cost to develop a taxi app?
The cost of developing a taxi booking app depends on the features you choose to incorporate in the final build. AllRide Apps provides the most affordable taxi app development service in the market. Get in touch with the sales team to learn more about custom prices and book a free demo.
How long will it take to develop and launch my taxi app?
It totally depends on the size of your company. For big transport companies, setting up the software and driver app in all their vehicles takes a little more time. The average development time to build taxi booking applications depends on their technical specification and the booking app development company you choose. At AllRide, we have a team all set to meet your needs efficiently and on time. Because we have a ready solution, it generally takes no more than 4-6 weeks without any customization to launch the product from your app store accounts.
Will you help us push our mobile application to the app market?
Yes. As a leading taxi booking app development company, we are committed to making your journey easier. We will deploy the apps in Google Play and iTunes. You need to provide your App Store credentials, and we will take care of the rest. We will deploy the admin panel and back-end setup in your preferred server. We recommend using AWS as the server as it is the most reliable one.
Do you provide ongoing maintenance and support services for the taxi booking app development?
Yes, Our taxi app development services include ongoing maintenance and support for your taxi app. We understand the importance of ensuring that your app is always running smoothly and will work with you to provide any necessary updates or maintenance. Our team is available to provide support and address any issues that may arise.
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