AI-powered Smart Cannabis Delivery Solution

An end-to-end medical cannabis delivery solution customized to your business needs. Our Cannabis delivery suite is integrated with our flagship Dispatch System which automatically takes care of order processing and fulfillment with route optimization for delivery agents for capacity utilization in case of multiple delivery, among other things.

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Get Your Own Branded Cannabis Delivery Software

Evolve as a brand with Allride. Our ondemand cannabis delivery software solutions are perfectly customizable, which means that you get to sell your products as a brand. The solutions are adaptable to multiple languages, payment gateways and can be integrated with third-party order fulfillment services if required. And you get an AI-powered dashboard that helps you gather detailed insights on which areas or aspects of your business need care and optimization.

Marijuana delivery software- One-stop solution for customer, driver, and dispatch management

Our marijuana delivery management software offers a wide range of features and benefits to help you manage your deliveries efficiently and effectively. Our medical marijuana delivery software lets you easily manage your inventory, track orders, and communicate with your drivers and customers in real time. You can also manage your driver schedules, track their progress, and optimize their routes to ensure timely and accurate deliveries.

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Hand-Picked Features For Better Customer Satisfaction

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Brand it with your chosen theme, color, logo

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Highly customizable plugin based system

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Multi language, Multi currency, Multi payment

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Adaptable to multiple third party PoS systems

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Customizable revenue models (subscription, commission) with various payment options

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GPS navigation with route optimization for easy pick-ups and deliveries

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Offers and Coupon Management

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AI based data analytics for effective decision making

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Customer App

  • 1. Verified Profiles

    Customers can register, upload age verification docs to purchase.

  • 2. Search nearby stores

    Enter your location to see all stores available near you and their offerings.

  • 3. Intuitive search

    Search by categories like flower, preroll, concentrates, view trending items.

  • 4. Stay updated

    Track your orders, manage your wishlists, addresses, and profile.

cannabiscannabis Delivery Customer Screen cannabiscannabis Delivery Customer Screen cannabiscannabis Delivery Customer Screen cannabiscannabis Delivery Customer Screen

Delivery App

  • 1. Seamless Onboarding Of Delivery Agents

    Quickly onboard your delivery agents with an intuitive delivery app. Real time Order Tracking.

  • 2. Real Time Order Tracking

    Complete details of Order visible to delivery boys including pick details, drop details, ETA, and GPS based navigation.

  • 3. Real time updates

    Delivery agents can update the status of orders in real time such as order picked, out for delivery, delivered, etc.

  • 4. Performance Monitoring

    Monitor performance, eccidents, delays, etc. for enhanced customer satisfaction.

cannabis Delivery Customer Screen cannabis Delivery Customer Screen cannabis Delivery Customer Screen cannabis Delivery Customer Screen

Vendor Panel

  • 1. Efficient Order Management

    Maximise operational efficiency with an intuitive order dashboard. View orders, accept/reject orders, manage delivery and track orders.

  • 2. Push Notification and alerts

    Track performance of your restaurants, keep track of franchise sales, commission payments, and much more.

  • 3. Cannabis Strain Management

    Categorize the products into respective strains suitable for various purposes to make it easy for customers to search and order.

  • 4. Push Notification and alerts

    Stay updated on orders and deliveries with real time notifications for various milestones.

cannabis Delivery Customer Screen cannabis Delivery Customer Screen cannabis Delivery Customer Screen cannabis Delivery Customer Screen

Dispatch System

  • 1. Staff/Delivery Agent Management

    Add, modify and delete staff and delivery agents.

  • 2. Intuitive & Interactive Dashboard

    Ability to add, modify and delete staff users of restaurants, franchises and delivery agents.

  • 3. Customer Relationship Management

    Intuitive CRM to keep track of customer orders, get insights on customer spending information, and maximize repeat orders.

  • 4. Revenue Management

    Get insights of collections by various channels, track revenue, manage invoices and refunds.

Customer App
Delivery App
Vendor Panel
Dispatch System

Exclusive API Integrations for Unlimited Scalability

Your business may need a variety of services. AllRide Food Delivery seamlessly connects with hundreds of APIs.

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Delivery Brands We've Helped Succeed

insta express app screen
Insta Express

A next generation multi vendor ecommerce delivery platform. The platform redefines Ecommerce experience with real time tracking of orders, flexible pricing options, and superior inventory management for store owners and admin.

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mallie app screen

A unique retail delivery app to enhance footfalls in brand outlets. Customers can choose to order online or reserve their favorite items for store pickup. The solution features an AI based system that enhances customer satisfaction by offering visually similar alternatives to out of stock products.

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good food screen
Good Food

A food delivery solution with an intuitive search. Customers can search for their favorite dishes by restaurants, location, cuisines etc. A comprehensive restaurant panel helps restaurants to fulfill orders, manage franchises, track delivery, etc. Good Food provides AI powered analytics for measuring performance and maximizing customer satisfaction.

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AllRide Cannabis Delivery FAQs

I'll want customized ondemand cannabis delivery software. Can you deliver that?
Of course. We welcome businesses with ideas to make their Cannabis delivery business different from anything else out there, and our base solution is designed to be adaptable.
Can my app or website have multiple languages?
Yes, our solution supports a wide list of languages. You will have to share with us the content for the language.
Does your solution include both website and mobile apps?
Yes, our Allride Cannabis Delivery solution is a complete suite and comes with mobile apps for customers, vendors, drivers and a web based admin panel. You can of course ask for customizations to these.
What are the must-have features of marijuana delivery software?
When it comes to medical marijuana delivery software, a number of key features are essential for ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your delivery service. Here are some of the must-have features that you should look for in marijuana delivery management software:

Inventory management: You need software to help you manage your inventory effectively, keep track of your stock levels, and ensure that you always have the right products available for your customers.

Real-time tracking and communication: Real-time monitoring and communication are essential for ensuring that your drivers can quickly and easily navigate their routes and that your customers can stay informed about the status of their orders.

Driver management: You need software to help you manage your drivers, assign deliveries, and optimize their routes to ensure timely and accurate deliveries.

Compliance with local regulations: Marijuana delivery software should be designed to comply with the local rules and laws of the area where you are operating. It can help ensure that you operate legally and avoid potential fines or penalties.

Customer management: Good marijuana delivery software should allow you to manage your customers' information, keep track of their orders and preferences, and provide them with the best possible experience.

Reporting and analytics: The ability to generate detailed reports and analytics is crucial for making informed decisions about your business. You need software that can provide detailed insights into your operations, sales, and revenue.

These are just some must-have features you should look for in marijuana delivery software. With the right software, you can streamline your operations, increase efficiency, and quickly grow your business.
Are there any specific measures I need to take to setup a Cannabis Business?
Legal License, delivery compliance, and a supportive payment gateway are a few initial aspects about marijuana delivery that you must consider before taking the plunge. In case you need any help or advice, just drop us a message and we would be happy to guide you through.
What are the delivery lead times like?
That's all down to what you require. Obviously, the closer to our pre-prepared software solution you get, lesser the time it will take. If you want to make a whole host of changes and add more features, and if your business is a big one, the time taken will be longer.
Can you help launch our apps?
Sure, when they're finished, we'll make sure they're on Google Play and iTunes. And we'll get your admin panel and backend features deployed on your server of choice.

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