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Features Starter Growth
Customer Management
Track and manage all customer profiles and activities. Search, sort, and filter customers easily. Instant access to customer demographics related to their bookings and payments.
Vehicle Management
Manage Inventory for vehicles to be used. Assign and track drivers against added vehicles.
Driver Management
Track and manage all driver profiles and activities. Search, sort, and filter drivers easily. Instant access to agent bookings and related analytics.
Booking Management
Track and manage all bookings made by customers in a user-friendly calendar format. Search, sort and filter from the list of bookings.
Station Management
Create and update stations for each bus route. Map stations against every bus on each route.
Bus Route Management
Create, update and delete bus routes. Tag buses against each bus route.
Trip Management
Track bus movement on a real-time map during a trip.
Operator Management
Manage Bus Operators and Partners in charge of the vehicles used for trips. Search, sort and filter from the list of operators.
On-Demand Booking
Track and manage on-spot and scheduled bookings made by customers.
Scheduled & On Demand Scheduled & On Demand
Customer App Branding
Brand-specific application for customers, with a custom logo and watermark. Available at a fixed predefined cost, i.e., one-time setup fee + subscription fees.
$999 + $49/month $999 + $49/month
Driver App Branding
Brand-specific driver application with a custom logo and watermark. Available at a fixed predefined cost, i.e., one-time setup fee + subscription fees.
$799 + $39/month $799 + $39/month
Live Trip Tracking & Communication
Customers can track a trip on the web using the tracking ID, and chat with the driver if needed
Real Time Tracking
Customers can track drivers in real-time on map during a trip. Live animation of driver and vehicle on the map. Display of the driver and vehicle details below map for easy reference.
App Based App Based
Predictive ETA
For every trip booked, the application auto-calculates an expected time of pick-up by the booked vehicle and its driver, and estimates a drop-off time at the customer's destination based on the distance, route, traffic, and vehicle type.
Organized arrangement of important analytics and demographic information related to the applications in use. Customize dashboard layout and content as per business requirements.
Basic Customizable
Online Web Booking Plugin
Get a customized booking form on your website. The form is linked to the Dispatch System to receive all bookings.
$9/Month $9/Month
Access Control / Role Management
Create, update, and delete roles as required to run the application. Manage and update module access and rights given to each role.
Rates & Fare Calculation
Manage flat freight rates and fare charts as per routes, stops, and distance. Update daily diesel rates and validate their impact on the fare charts.
Billing & Invoicing
Manage all in-app billing, invoice and payment information. Track, sort, and control all transactions and payment status. Export invoices and payment reports.
Zone Management
Define, view, update and delete zones on map. Tag vehicles and drivers against each zone.
Geo Fencing
Add, update, disable and delete geo-fence boundaries for each zone.
Reports & Statistics
Generate and download various detailed reports for cost and revenue.
Basic Customizable Reports
Performance & Utilization
Generate and compare reports of driver performance and vehicle utilization. Track rides completed, canceled, or delayed.
Real-time text based chat system for customers, drivers, and Admin to communicate with each other.
Chat between Driver &
Chat between Driver &
Admin, Chat between
Customer and Driver
Ratings & Reviews
Manage ratings and reviews provided by customers against drivers. Track average rating of each driver and identify the top rated drivers.
Promos & Offers
Create, update, and activate promo codes and offers that can be used by the customer while booking a ride. Search and filter the list of promo codes by code, type, discount, status, zone, and expiry date.
1 Upto 5
VIN Lookup
Track the details of a vehicle by searching by a Vehicle Identification Number
Driver Onboarding by App
Driver registration and verification of driver profile details.
In-app notifications, push notifications, along with email and SMS are sent to customers and drivers against significant activities and updates.
App & Email App & Email
API Access
Multiple APIs are used in the system. Create API tokens to access the required APIs in use.
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Feature: Customer Management
Feature: Vehicle Management
Feature: Driver Management
Feature: Booking Management
Feature: Station Management
Feature: Bus Route Management
Feature: Trip Management
Feature: Operator Management
Feature: On-Demand Booking
Starter Scheduled & On Demand
Growth Scheduled & On Demand
Feature: Customer App Branding
Starter $999 + $49/month
Growth $999 + $49/month
Feature: Driver App Branding
Starter $799 + $39/month
Growth $799 + $39/month
Feature: Live Trip Tracking & Communication
Feature: Real Time Tracking
Starter App Based
Growth App Based
Feature: Predictive ETA
Feature: Dashboard
Starter Basic
Growth Customizable Dashboard
Feature: Access Control / Role
Feature: Rates & Fare Calculation
Feature: Billing & Invoicing
Feature: Zone Management
Feature: Geo Fencing
Feature: Reports & Statistics
Starter Basic
Growth Customizable Reports
Feature: Performance & Utilization
Feature: Chat
Starter Chat between Driver & Admin
Growth Chat between Driver and Admin; Chat between Customer & Admin
Feature: Ratings & Reviews
Feature: Promos & Offers
Starter 1
Growth Upto 5
Feature: VIN Lookup
Feature: Driver Onboarding by App
Feature: Notification
Starter App & Email
Growth App & Email
Feature: API Access
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any setup fees?
No. Only if you opt for branding your application, a one-time setup fee is charged.
Can I upgrade, downgrade or switch between the pricing plans?
Yes. AllRide is a pay-as-you-go service, and you can modify or cancel your plan anytime.
Do I need to enter my payment information/credit card details to sign up?
No. You can try a free sign-up to check out the system. If you are interested in any pricing plans, you can chat with us or request a demo before you make an actual purchase.
Can I cancel my account at any time?
Yes. If you decide AllRide is not the best fit for your business needs, simply chat with us to cancel your account.
How long are your contracts?
All AllRide Plans offer both month-to-month and annual deals. If you are looking for any other type of contract, chat with us.
Do you offer any discounted plans?
Yes. All our Annual Plans are available at a 15% discount.
Are there any customization charges?
The plans include popular customizations. However, if you have a specific requirement to suit your business needs, additional charges will apply as per the required customization.
Is there any associated server cost?
No, server cost is inclusive.
Will my system work if I don’t opt for the Branding of the application?
Absolutely. We will share an online reservation plugin that you can integrate with your existing website. You can add all trips from the dispatch panel that comes with the software. You will also get access to a driver app with AllRide Branding.

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