A Quick Guide to what you get

  • Overview of the solution

    You get to know our logistics management solution can redefine your business - bringing control right at your fingertips.
  • Key mobile app features

    You will find detailed information of features needed in driver’s app, shipper’s app and admin dashboard - to help you manage your logistics and supply chain business.
  • The compatibility matrix of the mobility solution

    It will tell you which devices and operating systems you get for the app and admin solution.
  • Latest logistics technologies that we use

    Client, 3rd party or server - get updated with the latest technologies that we use to build a robust management solution.
  • Quick FAQ section

    Get answers to all your queries related our product right here.
  • Our latest truck and logistics portfolios

    Know what clients we have worked for, their idea and how we redefined it to helped them with a successful venture.

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