Customer App

The customer panel allows the users to view menus and order the food they want on-demand. Features of the app include:

  • Login & Registration
  • One Tap Onboarding
  • Find & Select Restaurant
  • Browse Menu
  • Customize Orders
  • View Cart
  • Push Notifications & Alerts
  • Secured Payment
  • Social Media Integration
  • Offers & Promos
  • Provide Special Instructions
  • Contact Delivery Agent
  • Track Delivery Agent
  • Tip Delivery Agent
  • Favourite Orders
  • Food Details
  • Repeat Orders
  • Cancel Orders
  • Track Order Status
  • Filter By Cuisine
  • Filter Restaurants
  • Rate & Review Food
  • Rate Delivery Agent
  • Help & Support
  • Report Issues

Restaurant App

This ready to go solution allows restaurants to receive and manage orders and process payments. The app also permits:

  • Registration
  • Verify Business Documents
  • Profile Management
  • Food Menu Management
  • Manage Order Request
  • Review Order Requests
  • Cancel Order Request
  • Contact Customer
  • Contact Delivery Agent
  • Track Delivery Agents
  • Manage Deliveries
  • Link Bank Account
  • Enable Payout
  • Revenue Management
  • View Order Details
  • Promotions & Offers
  • Order History
  • Push Notifications & Alerts
  • Report Issue
  • Help & Feedback

Delivery Driver App

The delivery driver panel comes with a host of features, specifically designed to help drivers in managing their deliveries and making hassle-free drop-off. Features include:

  • Registration
  • Verification Document Upload
  • Receive Orders
  • Multiple Deliveries
  • Update Delivery Status
  • View Drop Off Location & Navigation
  • View Delivery History
  • Push Notifications & Alerts
  • Contact Customers
  • Receive Payments
  • Contact Restaurants
  • Choose Service Area
  • Link Bank Account
  • Set Availability
  • Help & Support

Admin App

The admin panel is the control center that gives you the power to manage your entire business via robust admin panel with the following features:

  • Restaurant Onboarding
  • Dashboard
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Business
  • Manage Delivery Staff
  • Manage Orders
  • Track Delivery Agents
  • Revenue Management
  • Promo Code Management
  • Banner Management
  • Manage Complaints
  • Resolve Complaints
  • Issue Refunds
  • Review Feedback
  • Set Surcharge
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We Create Products Similar To Other Brands

Our out-of-the-box food delivery solutions are nothing less than other popular food delivery apps. With our innovative AI-driven technology, we empower your app idea and bring your business to the head table.

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AllRide Food Delivery FAQs

Will your solutions work for smaller food delivery companies?
Our out of the box solution is totally scalable so will work for businesses of all sizes, and can cope with any expansion your business experiences.
What are the delivery lead times like?
That's all down to what you require. Obviously, the closer to our pre-prepared software solution you get, the less time it will take. If you want to make a whole host of changes and add more features, and if your business is a big one, the time taken will be longer.
How can I maximize my food business income?
You can charge commissions every time an order is placed with a restaurant via your food app, or if restaurants want to advertise their services on your app. You can also charge delivery fees and vary your prices, increasing them at busy times.
I'll want a customized solution. Can you deliver that?
Of course. We welcome businesses with ideas to make their food delivery business different from anything else out there, and our base solution is designed to be adaptable.
How do you approach project management?
We have a set way of approaching projects that's proved it can deliver the goods (no pun intended). You can find out more about the steps we follow here.
Can you help launch our apps?
Sure, when they're finished, we'll make sure they're on Google Play and iTunes. And we'll get your admin panel and backend features deployed on your server of choice.

Food Delivery Brands We’ve
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Good Food

The amazing UI on this platform has made ordering food instantly incredibly simple.

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bandana app screen

The first bus seat booking app to appear in the Philippines. It's providing safe transport options for customers with long journeys to make.

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