Customer App Features

The customer app allows users to place their parcel delivery order and track till delivery on real-time basis.

  • Unique User Authentication

    Authenticate your users with unique ID generation linked with their mobile number and email ID.

  • Normal-end User Sign up

    Allow your users to accept your terms and conditions supported with OTP-based contact verification.

  • Instant Parcel Booking

    Users have to select the pickup and delivery location and date of delivery to book a delivery.

  • Parcel Verification

    Users have to input the category of parcel along with its dimensions supported with images of the goods during booking.

  • Real-time Tracking

    Users can track the movement of the pickup and delivery boy on a real time basis from the time their booking gets accepted till delivery.

  • Multiple & Secure Payment

    Accept payments from users by means of debit and credit card using a safe payment gateway integrated with the app.

  • Order History

    Allow users to search and view their order details as the app saves all details once an order is placed.

  • Instant Pop-up notification

    Helps your users to get live notifications of their order status and relays your announcements too.

  • Online invoicing

    Provides your customers with the invoice on their dashboard and email with automated billing and calculations.

  • Multilanguage support

    App content is available in multiple languages which makes it understandable for all of your users.

  • Multicurrency support

    The app accepts payments in all currencies, but you receive in your preferred one.

  • Android & iOS support

    Developed with the latest cross-platform technology, the app is compatible with all types of devices.

  • Rewards and Offers

    Allows users to use the promotional coupons, discount or offer codes or reward points when they need.

  • Comments and Feedback

    Allows your user to report any issues with store or delivery agent straight to your dashboard.

Delivery Person App Features

Set Availability, accept order, deliver parcel and accept payments - all visible in the delivery person app dashboard. Other features include:

  • Registration and Verification

    Helps in your hiring process by capturing all necessary details of the delivery executive which you can verify.

  • Order Management

    The app communicates real-time alerts about new orders and allows drivers to accept or cancel it.

  • Update Delivery Status

    The driver can inform the user directly about his pick-up arrival time and delivery time.

  • View Delivery Location & Navigation

    The app tracks and relays the delivery location using accurate GPS technology to guide the delivery person en route.

  • Set Availability Status

    The delivery person can change the status from ON to OFF or OFF to ON depending upon their availability for service.

  • View Revenue Breakdown

    Allows the delivery executives to keep track upon their earnings and go through details of payments they receive.

  • Link Bank Account

    Allows the drivers to transfer their earnings straight to their bank account from the wallet whenever they wish.

  • View Details Of Users & Parcel

    Delivery Person gets full information about the owner, route and delivery of the parcel via the app.

  • Notification- Push, Sms

    Bookings, Requests, Alerts and Updates - the delivery person gets all notified through push messages.

  • View Delivery History

    Delivery Executive can always check the details of the order pick-up and delivery spots anytime.

  • Help & Support

    On-road, on-duty or technical issues - the app allows the drivers to seek help and support from their authority anytime.

  • Preferred Delivery Destinations

    The drivers can select their preferred destinations to deliver the parcel by viewing order details on their app dashboard.

Admin Panel Features

Manage users, drivers, vehicles and orders along with real-time monitoring of all corier delivery operations from a single intuitive dashboard.

  • User Management

    View and manage the details and activities of all users registered with your app.

  • Role Management For Admin Panel Users

    You can distribute the Admin role with your partners or manager but can control them as well from your dashboard.

  • Trip Management & Track Trips

    The app saves the trip details along with route history for you to view and manage from your dashboard.

  • Complaint Management

    View, deal and manage complaints registered by users or drivers over the app.

  • Driver Management

    Manage roster and replacement of drivers from the dashboard of your admin panel.

  • Revenue Management & Reports

    The app dashboard provides you with all the analytics to monitor and manage business revenue and reports.

  • Track Daily Reports & Transactions

    Keep your workspace free from clutters of bills and invoices as the app invoice shows all transactions.

  • Billing & Invoicing

    Accurate billing with detailed invoicing for every parcel and trip is generated by the app on time.

  • Operational Parameter Management

    The major parameters associated with the operations of the courier fleet and vehicles can be managed from the app.

  • Invoice Management

    Your dashboard can help you view and manage invoices generated using trip-wise or vehicle-wise filters.

  • See Arrival & Departure Time

    The app provides a vehicle-wise and parcel-wise list of arrival and departure time on the dashboard.

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AllRide Courier Delivery FAQs

What is AllRide Courier Delivery?
AllRide is one of the premier app development and digital solution providers for businesses across the globe. AllRide Courier Delivery is a digital solution for Courier Delivery businesses on a global basis, designed for those who want to digitise their operations for better revenue volume and ROI.
Is AllRide available for local courier delivery companies?
Our out of the box solution is totally scalable so will work for businesses of all sizes, and can cope with any expansion of your business experiences.
Can AllRide deliver a customised solution?
Of course. We welcome businesses with ideas to make their courier delivery business different from anything else out there, and our base solution is designed to be adaptable.
How fast can AllRide deliver a customised solution?
That's all down to what you require. Obviously, the closer to our pre-prepared software solution you get, the less time it will take. If you want to make a whole host of changes and add more features, and if your business is a big one, the time taken will be longer.
Are your solutions and services affordable?
AllRide provides solutions and services which can fit into all types of budgets. You must have a clear idea of your requirement as the rest will be managed by our team starting from budgeting till delivery.
How do you approach project management?
Till date, apart from our services, our clients have praised us for our Project Management systems and potentials. We have a well-established way of working that's proven its worth, and we hope you will soon see the benefits of working with us.
Can you help launch our apps?
Sure, when they're finished, we'll make sure they're on Google Play and iTunes. And we'll get your admin panel and backend features deployed on your server of choice.
How to get in touch with AllRide?
AllRide team is always active to listen to your queries and help you meet your requirements. Get in touch with our team today.

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